St Cecilia Abbey, UK


Let us pray for more Vocations to St Cecilia Abbey, on this their patronal feast:

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


Sure, will pray for them,Thanks for the link .Is their any special prayer to St Cecilia? its my cousins feast day too God Bless!


I did find this…

And this, from the St Cecilia Dominicans:


@Cloisters Thanks So much! i immediately booked marked and checked the links, wonderful prayers, in some parishes they use to say a small prayer to St Cecilia before the Holy Mass, but now a days, yet to see them do so, hope we should take few print out and leave it in the pew and rekindle the devotion. Thanks and God Bless


I pray to St Cecilia before Mass for the musicians. If I forget, I’m usually awakened by off-key singing. :sunglasses:


@Cloisters Sure! we need to pray for them thanks for the reminder ,never thought about that ,Hope to pray for them, to sing like the Angles in truth and spirit ,with humility Grace and Unity ,in tandem and in symphony like as if once voice.Most of musicians and singers have much pride in their talent .since everything is a gift of God ,we need to pray especially for the virtue of Humility for them as well, for all of us .God Bless


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