St Charbel what do we know about him?

Since St. Charbel was an Eastern Catholic Saint I have put this in the Eastern Catholicism sub forum.

As far as I can tell I don’t see any collection of any of his writings or much of the way of info on him.

I may be mistaken in this area and that’s why I ask here especially among those who venerate him.

I know he was devoted to the our Lord in the Eucharist and our Lady in the Holy Rosary.

I was born on July 24th the which is his feast day in the Roman Calendar.

I have been thinking about getting an icon of him and wanted to know more about him.


He was a Cross-bearer, a penitent Saint


There are sayings attributed to him called “Charbeliyat”.

He’s among the more popular Maronite saints. Venerated even by Muslims, prolific miracle worker. His tomb is frequented by people of all faiths. He looks after them all.

Do get an icon of him. You’ll learn to love old Father Charbel.


He has more miracles accredited to his intercession than Lourdes.

I have this book, Saint Sharbel, Mystic of the East, by Claire M. Benedict (1977, Ravengate Press, 1997 edition). His name is spelled phonetically, but it is St. Charbel (I think the author was from England, and we know how they spell things differently). Hopefully you can still find it used, or maybe there is a newer book about him. This book gives a great overview of his life, and of the saints and desert tradition that influenced him. It also includes a few of his sayings. He was apparently a man of few words, at least few that were written down, but very holy!


There are a number of books out there about Mar Charbel, including a newly published collection of sayings attributed to him called Love is a Radiant Light. His sayings read like a modern Desert Father (which he was), but also have the charm of some of Pope Francis’ comments.

I have the biography St. Charbel Maklouf of Lebanon: One of the Greatest Saints of Our Time and it is excellent. My only qualm with it is that it reads as if it was either (poorly) translated from Arabic, or written by someone for whom English was a second language and then not properly edited.


This saint’s name was written in a different alphabet. When it is transliterated in English letters it is spelled Sharbel. When it is transliterated by the French then it is Charbel.


Sharbel (شربل) is the proper Lebanese pronunciation of the saint’s name. In French it’s written Charbel since “ch” in French is pronounced like the “sh” in English.


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