St. Clare Intentions---I need to publish them

I have said my Hail Marys…and my other prayers…I want to publish…The friend has been put in my class…That is a miracle or a curse…We will see…The abusive person in my life is not caving…But Saints and God can’t change people’s wills…I am unsure if this novena actually works…It seems the easy things get answered, but the harder things…Well, maybe I am not patient enough…The harder things you need to wait for long periods of time for those to come through…and maybe they wil not come through exactly as I would wish…Maybe the person will grow in faith…will start attending church with that person…maybe this person will grow in social graces…maybe he will become more affluent than before…but maybe i will not get what I wanted…and God has something better for me…I trust in God…and in Jesus Christ to answer ST. Clares’ intercession for my best benefit and the benefit of others…I pray that grace will hold me up as I find out if my prayers were answered or not…THAT WILL BE THE HARDEST PART…It is like peaking around a corner and not knowing what is there…I want protections and love to follow me to that day to protect me from the pain of seeing that my prayers have not been answered because God did not see it for my benefit…I want God to protect my reputation…I want to know the truth, maybe…I want to know if the relationship with continue as a friendship only or if there is potential for a future…I want to know…I want grace to hold me up as I find out this pain…Oh, Lord, just take the bandaid off…if I can handle it…Help me…Help me…Help me, Lord…This is such a hard torture for me as spiritual manipulations have been at play…Don’t allow me to despair…Grace me with buffers and comforts adn consolations so I can handle the worst case scenerios…If there is hope, make it clear…make it clear that this man is interested in me, also…That he is curious to know me better so we can have a future together…

Prayer for spouse

Loving and wise Father, we pray for the light of Your
wisdom and guidance as @EVELYN1 searches for true
friendship that will lead her to a suitable husband. Help
her to wait patiently for the right man to marry. Bless her
Lord, that she may grow in respect for life and for people,
kindness, sincerity, and generosity. Teach her to forgive
others. May she ask for the grace to be prepared for
the commitment that she will eventually make to the
man who will be Your gift to her. Through Christ Our
Lord, amen. :latin_cross:

Lord, guide this person to an equitable solution…
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Fatima, Amen…

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