St. Clare


Ask St. Clare for 3 favors, 2 impossible, and say 9 Hail Marys’ and the following prayer for 9 days with a lighted candle.

PRAYER: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored, glorified and loved today and everyday throughout the world forever. Amen. Pray whether you believe or not. Publish on the 9th day. Your request will be granted no matter how impossible it may seem…

By Teresa.


Then turn around three times, throw some salt over your left shoulder and do the hokey pokey while facing east…

Sorry to sound harsh but this is a bit of a bugbear of mine.

Praying is wonderful, saying novenas is wonderful. The Apostles prayed for nine days between Our Lord’s Ascension and Pentecost, which is where the tradition of the novena comes from.

They DIDN’T resort to magic-ritual claptrap like thinking they had to use lighted candles. They DIDN’T think they had to ask for three favours (two impossible). Nor did they think or teach - ever - that the power of any of their prayer was divorced from their OWN faith and fervency (‘pray even if you don’t believe’ my foot).

I think St Clare would be most disappointed - not that people would pray a novena to her, but that they would mouth the words while not believing, or feel that they had to use lighted candles and all the other associated hooey.


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