St de Chantal Day: the Visitation


Although founded to make visits to the sick and poor – or both – public criticism led St. Francis de Sales to cloister his spiritual directee’s project, the Sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary.

(This happened before the foundation of St. Vincent de Paul’s Daughters of Charity, and he developed their constitutions in such a way as to avoid their being called “religious.)”

The spiritual daughters of St. Jane Frances de Chantal are found in all parts of the world now. In the US, there have been two Federations – one cloistered, the other contemplative-active. Here is my organization’s clearinghouse site for the former:

The Second Federation website was down last I looked for it, although the convents in Georgetown, DC, and Minneapolis, MN, are still functioning.


St. Jane de Chantal, pray for us.


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