St Demetrius Feast Day

The Holy Great Martyr Demetrius the Myrrh-streamer



St. Demetrius, Pray for us.


Excerpt from Great Vespers for the Feast of St. Demetrius:

  1. Strong is the love of the Lord for us; eternally will His truth endure.*

O, what a great marvel!* Having been slain for the sake of Christ, O thrice-blessed Demetrius,* you have always manifested yourself to be a two-edged sword,* humbling the exaltations of the enemies* and bringing to naught the intrigues of the demons.* Let us cry out to him:* O Demetrius, protect us at all times,* for in faith and love we venerate you.

In Tone 6, Glory…

Today the universal feast of the martyr summons us.* Come, therefore, O lovers of feasts,* let us celebrate his memory in splendour and say:* Rejoice, for you overcame the snares of the enemy* by the might given to you by the one God.* Rejoice, for you suffered wounds by the thrusts of a sword,* and thus spiritually depicted for us the blessed passion of Christ.* O Demetrius, O inspiration of martyrs,* implore Him that we be delivered from visible and invisible enemies,* and that our souls may be saved.


Who would not call you blessed, O Virgin most holy?* Who would not sing a hymn of praise* to the glory of your giving birth without pain or travail?* The Only-begotten Son Himself,* begotten of the Father before all ages,* was made flesh out of you in a manner* that cannot be explained, O Woman most pure!* And for our sake, He Who is God by nature* assumed the nature of a man.* He is not divided into two persons;* He is understood to have two natures* without commixion or confusion.* O noble and blessed Woman,* intercede with Him that He may mercy on our souls.

Readings (1) Isaiah 63:15-19; 64:1-9; (2) Jeremiah 2:2-12; (3) Wisdom 4:7-15

Source: Royal Doors dot net


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