St. Dominic Day: Communities


St. Dominic actually began with the cloistered nuns after receiving the “Signadou” (Sign of God) – a fire ball which appeared over Prouille in France. The monastery was re-established after the French Revolution and is still in use today:

US Monasteries:

The site has links to all other branches of the Dominicans.

A history of the friars of the Order of Preachers:

A history of the Dominican laity:

Dominican Sisters of the Presenation (quasi-Vincentian):

Community of the Lamb:


We have a Dominican Priory in our area with a parish church which I used to belong to. St. Dominic’s fest day is a big deal there.

One Sunday, when my granddaughter was about 4 yrs old, it just happened to be St. Dominic’s Feast day and we went to Mass there. They had a big formal procession to the altar with the Knights of Columbus in full regalia, swords and all. They drew the swords and formed an arch. Well, my granddaughter had never seen anything like this before, and panicked when they pulled out the swords, thinking they were going to use them! Poor thing. The look on her face was priceless.


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