St Frances of Rome - what an amazing Saint!


Does anyone here have a devotion to St Frances of Rome?

I think I’ll ask her to be one of my patrons.

I just read about her life and I’m amazed…even though I’m not a bit holy as she is, it seems she had to deal with so many similar things. I also have many people around me trying to encourage me to be worldly, and sometimes I’m made fun of cause I pray and stuff. And I’m confused about a religious vocation or marriage, but God is showing me to only care about doing His will and not my own; that this is what matters. I think that is so awesome that she submitted to God in her daily martyrdom and humbly obeyed what He wanted, though she wanted something else. Also, she helped the poor and this is something that’s close to my heart too.

I just feel a connection with her.

here is a bit about her life:

it is also so interesting that she could see the Archangel who was appointed as her guardian!! now that we don’t have in common, lol, (and neither do I share her piety) but certainly we all have Angels by our sides and maybe she could help me have a greater devotion to my Angel.

I came across St Frances in a book I have called “all about the angels” - it’s a wonderful book, by Fr Paul O’Sullivan. It talked about her Archangel.

Here is how she described him:

“His aspect is full of sweetness and majesty; his eyes are generally turned toward Heaven; words cannot describe the divine purity of that gaze. His brow is always serene; his glances kindle in the soul the flame of ardent devotion. When I look upon him, I understand the glory of the angelic nature, and the degraded condition of our own. He wears a long shining robe and over it a tunic, either as white as the lilies of the field or the color of a red rose or of the hue of the sky when it is mostly deeply blue. When he walks by my side, his feet are never soiled by the mud of the streets or the dust of the road”.

she could almost continuously see the Angel and he taught her about holiness.



That’s a wonderful story dear Monica. Sounds like a good patroness:)

May the Holy Angels bless you and make their presence known to you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:



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