St. francis of assissi predicted the last pope?

I was speaking of a f friend and she mentioned thated that the antichrist would be the last pope? I tried searching for this but can’t find any reliable information st. francis of assissi had predicted this apparently?

anyone know what this is about?

Maybe she were thinking of the St. Malachy prophecies?

Jesus himself said we won’t know when.

meh. Forget it.
No one knows the hour or the day, and I seriously doubt St. Francis partook in any of these so called “predictions”.
I think I’ve read everything there is about Francis, (having a Franciscan name and all) and have never seen anything like that.

It would be pointless to speculate anyway.

Your friend is mistaken.

St Francis did not predict anything.

Remember, Jesus himself said no one knows the day or the hour. We are not to chase supposed “prophecies” around. We are to live our lives each day in preparation for the second coming. Read Matthew’s gospel, particularly starting at chapter 24.

Anyone who says they have prophecies about the anti-Christ, the pope, etc, are full of nonsense.

And, as was mentioned, there were supposed prophecies of St Malachi, but they are a forgery. Not authentic.

We need no prophecies. Christ is the fullness of revelation.

Well, not really… Jesus actually said we will not know the time and the hour of His Second Coming- that is something different entirely and does not have anything to do with St. Francis predicting the last pope or if the last pope will be “the antichrist”.

Jesus Christ did say that we would see things happening and be able to recognize what is going on. He lists those signs in the gospel- I think the gospel of Matthew, specifically.

This is referring to the second coming, not the identity of the antichrist. I know many people claim Nero was the antichrist, but I was under the impression he comes at the start of the end times, so…??

I doubt Pope Francis is the AC though, if you look thru Google, people said the same thing about previous popes as well. I have a feeling the AC will be a person no one expected, I imagine he is probably alive right now, but the world is not yet in the level of chaos for him to come onto the world scene, when the world does reach this level, the AC will appear the be the answer to our prayers, initially, he will solve all the problems very quickly, people will not recognize the wolf in sheeps clothing.

In all sincerity, doesn’t such an assessment call into question the sanity (or at least the credibility) of the many saints who have received messages from heaven (deemed worthy of belief by the Church) regarding future events and things that must come to pass before Our Lord returns?

Isn’t the Anti-Christ a political figure?
And the False Prophet a religious figure?
They both seem to rein at the same time and to bolster each others’ activities.
I know we can’t be sure, but it is interesting to think about.

IMHO, I personally don’t believe either one of them will be the pope, though.

There have been MANY anti-Christs (and a few have also been Popes).

It’s difficult to tell if Revelation’s anti-Christ is a particular individual or a composition of many anti-Christs.

Martin Luther was the first person to associate the Pope with the anti-Christ. Although the Pope during his time (Leo-10) was not one of the “bad” Popes. He was an ineffective administrator (some would say disastrously ineffective, which would be difficult to argue), but he was not personally wicked.

If there is such a thing as THE anti-Christ, and if he will show up at the end, then obviously Leo-10 could not have been THE anti-Christ (heck, he wasn’t even AN anti-Christ). As anti-Catholic rhetoric continued to develop there arose this idea that SOME Pope would be THE anti-Christ. Nobody knows which one, but since there is a common mindset among many protestants that we’re always in the “end times” then they figure whomever is Pope today must be THE anti-Christ.

Although how anybody could look at Pope Francis and imagine such a thing is beyond my comprehension.

Trivia: Pope Leo-10 was the most recent Pope who did not hold priestly Orders at the time of his election.

Looks to me like some folks here would be wise to invest in What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World so they have the facts and aren’t so easily unsettled by every wind of end times belief that comes down the pike.:shrug:

I was under the impression that the antichrist would be a political ruler in opposition of the Church, rather than coopting it, though practically coopting in for all intents and purposes (folks falling away, etc.)

Ke said we don’t NEED prophecy. He is correct. All post-Apostolic revelation is considered private.

The Church says we MAY believe some private revelations, but everything we NEED to know was revealed during the Apostolic Age.

Even if that were true it would not rule out a Pope. The Pope is also the political ruler of Vatican City, which is a sovereign nation (it fields ambassadors, prints postage, issues passports, etc).

If your friend makes such a claim the burden is on your friend to provide documentation to support her claim that we can discuss. It is not up to you or us to refute baseless claims.
If your friend cannot come up with anything then you know it is only hot air.

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