St Francis Xavier Relic

So on Tuesday the arm of St Francis Xavier is coming to my City - I have never seen a Catholic Relic in my life so it should be really interesting. All three Archbishops will be there and it will be on display for 12 hrs before it moves on (2 masses). I am excited to see it - do you think I could hope for a miracle - I am going for major surgery on Feb 9th (2) coming this year.


You could pray to St Francis to intercede for you. It will be up to God to determine whether a healing is best for you.

I will also keep you in my prayers.



You can always pray to a saint (intercessory prayer) or even pray directly to God for a miracle. You do not need to do it around a relic. Relics are for venerating and feeling closer to the saint. They don’t work magic.

If you wish to pray for a miracle, may I suggest that you find a person you like who is on the path to sainthood but not there yet, such as a beatified person, and pray exclusively to them? That way, if a miracle does occur, it could be helping them on their sainthood path. You should report anything you think miraculous to the postulator of their cause.

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I am having both knees replaced this year - its not like I am going to die - I will try and if I am to pick a person on the way to Sainthood it would be my Childhood Priest I was his alter boy - there were many times where just him and I had mass together during the week I have great memories of him - although I was a brat I’m sure - he put me on the path to God and I know he is in heaven - I have in the past asked him to pray for me - thanks for the replies

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Yes, I just read that the relic was coming. It is something to see! I saw it frequently at the Gesu in Rome, its home church, when I lived there. I think the rest of his body is in Goa, India.
Are you Catholic? If so, I believe all Catholic Churches have relics, often built into their altar. My church here in MN has an entire relic room!
Padre Pio’s relics passed close by last year. I badly wanted to see them but ended up having meetings I couldn’t miss on those days :frowning:

It was a good day - huge crowds - only get like 10 secs to look and then you have to move on. Nice to hear the Archbishop Richard Gagnon’s homily - the Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church decide to show up also ( there were 4 Bishops) - I just wish I had prepared better - but I am happy with how it turned out.

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