St Gemma Galgani feast day 11April-can someone point me to LotH pages

She’s not listed in my St Joseph’s Guide, for some reason:confused:

Can someone point me to the guide for her feast tomorrow?

Thanks! Here is the link to the information on St. Gemma from This will answer your question.

Thanks. I am asking for the pages in the Liturgy of the Hours, though. Sorry that I was unclear.:o

(I am also asking why she isn’t listed in the Guide for tomorrow).

Can’t find any information on whether she was a religious, so I guess you could use the Common of Holy Women.

That said, if she’s not in the Guide, that means she’s not on the General Roman Calendar or the particular calendar for the United States. Any particular reason you would wish to observe this saint?

Good point. She’s from Lucca. I have family there.:slight_smile:

Because she’s not on the Calendar, I would probably suggest simply observing her then as a votive office with the rank of Memorial, given that it’s the Easter Season, so you should probably keep most of the texts from the Weekday. It seems there is no good reason for you to increase your observance to Feast or Solemnity. You can arrange the office as follows (I have favoured the weekday for the most part, so continue to expose the Easter character of the weekday):

Invitatory: From the weekday or Common of Holy Women (with alleluia).

For the Office of Readings
Hymn, from the weekday
Psalmody, from the weekday, antiphons with alleluia
First reading, from the weekday
Second reading, from the Common of Holy Women, response with alleluia
No Te Deum.
Concluding Prayer, from the Common of Holy Women, replace N. with the saint’s name.

For Lauds and Vespers:
Hymn, from the weekday
Psalmody, from the weekday
Reading and responsory, from the weekday
Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons, from the weekday
Intercessions, from the weekday or Common of Holy Women
Concluding prayer, from the Common of Holy Women, replace N. with the saint’s name.

Daytime Prayer: from the weekday, no observance of the saint.

Night Prayer, from the weekday.

Wow! Thank you so much!:thumbsup:

Saint Gemma Galgani, the “Passion Flower”…what a beautiful Saint…in every aspect.

Even though her feast Day is 11 April the day she died in 1903…the Roman General Calendar for Saints does not show a Memorial Celebration feast day for her…11 April, is the Memorial (LOH) for St. Stanislaus, Bishop & Martyr…which is the Ecclesial official LOH celebration…Universal Church…thus for the Catholics in USA.

Different Conferences of Bishops or Diocesan Bishops have authority to make a local Saint the Memorial for their particular feast day…but that is only for their dioceses or the nation state if its done by a Conference. Her Archdiocese of Lucca (Toscana, Tuscany)…has her listed for 11 April Memorial Mass…celebration at San Martino Cathedral…one Church (Agrigento, Italy) named in her honor…uses May 16…which is the Passionist Order designated day to celebrate her Canonization Memorial.

However, if you as a lay person, want to pray a LOH Memorial…for Saint Gemma…you can do so…you are not bound by any Ecclesial Canon Law or Religious Order Vows. What I have done…I pray both…its not too long or laborious…and really lifts my spirit in communion with the people of a particular diocese/nation-state.

For LOH…you can pray a Memorial…using the Common for Virgins or the Common for Holy Women/Religious

Some links regarding Saint Gemma…probably already have…but others may enjoy.
Pax Christi

Irapuato: St. Gemma Galgani, Lucca (Italy)

Oh, I didn’t bring my Ordo with me so I didn’t realize St. Stanislaus was on. Is he an Obligatory or Optional Memorial?

Obligatory :slight_smile:

Ow. So yes, I would think that that trumps St. Gemma altogether.

However, I would probably agree with what you wrote. Or perhaps “commemorate” St. Gemma by completing the office for St. Stanislaus first then reciting the closing prayer from the Common of Holy Women. That’s probably not “official” though.

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