St. Gemma Galgani

I was wondering if anyone know of her. I read her story and I cry almost every time I tell it. Does anyone have a devotion to her?

I do.

I do, as well.

The Passionists claim her as own of their own

St. Gemma, pray for us!

She is my confirmation saint

I love St Gemma.

Her story is truly inspiring! I needed a reminder of her, thanks!

I have read the book by her spiritual director three times. It never fails to inspire me.

I know I cannot imitate the parts of her life where she is a victim soul…but I am inspired to imitate her focus and her prayerfulness!

It is often that I ask for her intercession.

I do. I love her story, and I often pray to her for help getting through college.

Yes read about her life many times, as I have done of numerous Saints, our local Passionist Church has a statue of her near the Altar…

I don’t know a lot about her yet. I have read about her great longing to go to Heaven. That made me think she must have been a cool girl. :slight_smile:

I’ve just ordered this book from the library after reading your post. :slight_smile:

A most beautiful soul indeed.

Mr. Glenn Dallaire is truly devoted to St. Gemma Galgani as a matter of fact he has a website that is totally dedicated to St. Gemma Galgnai here:

Here is the reason why Mr. Dallaire put this website dedicated to St. Gemma Galgani together:

A video:

May our Lord bless you as you read this book!

Thank you for those links! I am almost half-way through her autobiography on youtube.

I do too

Thanks to all for posting the information regarding St. Gemma. Prior to reading this thread, I had no knowledge of her. Her life story is an awesome inspiration.

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