St. Gertrude's Prayer question


Ok, so I pray this prayer often to try and help my peeps in Purgatory, but one line always “bugged” me. “I offer thee Lord the most presciou blood of thy Divine Son Jesus…”

Is this to be said only after you receive the Blood:confused: ? If not…how can I “offer” the Lord the prescious Blood?:shrug:



Every time we receive either or both species of the Holy Eucharist, we receive Jesus completely, His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. So this prayer is appropriate after receiving the Host.
Even more awesomely, this prayer is appropriate at ANY time, since there are always Masses being celebrated and it’s not necessary to receive the Eucharist, but only to join in the offering of it.


ahhh ok join in the offering of the Mass being said 24/7.

Can one say the prayer…or ANY prayer, if one is in a state of mortal sin? Does God listen to these prayers or can He not hear them because of the sin?


Yes, most definitely! God can hear our prayers no matter what our disposition is.


Very comforting to know…Praise God for be such a merciful and just Father.

Us sinners need Him more than we know.



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