St. Giuseppe Moscati-Dr.of the Poor


The above is the title of a movie that appeared on EWTN in two parts over 2 Saturdays.
The last segment was last week, but I have not been able to find out when or if the
movie will be available on DVD. It was an excellent movie and really worth watching
over and over again.
As far as I can tell, it came out earlier this year because I saw a review of it, but that's
all I've been able to find out.
Can't believe I only had one reply when I posted last week, but it was not to tell me how
I can/can't get it on DVD. It was only to tell me that she, too, had seen part 2. I got
to see most of both but not all.
Please anyone out there that can help me?


Yeh that movie was great I watched it like 10 times. I taped it the first time and have been watching it ever since. I can't find the movie on dvd either.


Wow, that't great. I sure wish you lived in El Paso....I would be begging for an invitation to
see it. :) I would even bring the popcorn. I missed some important the bad
decision that his friend makes (I won't go into anymore since so many have not seen it.)


Just read my copy of March-April “This Rock”. The inside back page has the DVD
available for sale from Ignatius Press. It’s 160 minutes so well worth the $24.95. I’m
getting it for a few people and a copy for
phone # 1-800-651-1531


I'm bringing this up "from the past" threads because part II is on EWTN tonight. I would highly recommend all to see this is by far one of the most inspiring movies I have ever seen in my life. Saint Dr. Guiseppi needs to see this one!!! Amazing!


It is a really really good movie, however, it doesn't portray the Saint's life accurately. I am not an expert on Moscati's life, but from what I've read (which could be wrong) he did not pursue marriage, having decided to stay single and give his life to God through his profession. (I read this on the internet, so I am not certain of this fact- if anyone can verify otherwise, I would be grateful!) A large chunk of the movie is centered around a romance of sorts. So, i feel its like I just watched a lie.

Movies like this make me a bit angry because by veering away from truth for the sake of making a good film plot it diminishes the truth about the saint. There were a few others I have seen about Catholic saints and events in which the actual historical facts have been rearranged. I think this is VERY wrong especially since many people won't ever bother to pick up a book to learn (or may not even have a chance to learn) the real story. I often wonder what the saints in heaven, like Moscati are thinking when they see that some director or screen writer changed their life to make for a life that is better on screen. I don't think it is right at all. I think that is what is called sensationalism.. a stretching of the truth.

Having said that, it is a beautifully well done film- one of the best I have seen in a long long time. Very inspiring,...a tear jerker too! I would recommend everyone to see it, but then I also recommend they take the time to go look up the REAL Moscati and learn more about him. Hopefully, that is what everyone who sees this film will do..... For the sake of TRUTH. +


I agree with you on the "truth" being important. I have found 2 books on Saint Moscati, written by a Priest. That is all unfortunately. Also the web did suggest from memoir's from his sister Nina, that he did ask for the hand in marriage a very pious devout woman, who told him she was promised to God. The poor Saint was horrified, and apologized for disturbing her....which sounds about right since his spirit was so humble.
Being a nurse, I have taken a true liking to this particular Saint, and in some ways it has inspired me to look at my patients in a new light.

So, sensationalism or not, it was indeed a wonderful movie, and love story or not, truly one can see from the film he was concerned with the body and soul of his patients.
Alot of the quotes and dialogue were actually of the Saints own words, that is true.

Great movie!!!


Can you tell me the names of the 2 books you found on St. Guiseppe Moscati, please?


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