St. Giuseppe Moscati Film-Inspirational Entertainments AND Pro-Life

Talk about action!

A wonderful new film we caught on EWTN- Worth sharing and watching many times over. Real Life story about Giusseppe Moscati who is called to the profession of medicine, but more importantly to sainthood amidst the back drop of the 1909 eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, the 1911 cholera epidemic, WWI, as well as, personal and professional challenges ! Akin to what is happening in Haiti and the overwhelming tragic calamities of life, and this man’s response to the anti-life climate of his day…not far from what we are/may soon be facing in health care in America! Let’s hope for more of this response in the coming days!

Sorry if this is old news, I’m new here, also, don’t know if anyone else is familiar with this resource:

A great place to ‘borrow’ films - many many Catholic saints stories and more, seems like an endless list: (Blsd) Mary Mckillop (Australia), St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Monsieur Vincent, etc.) audio tapes on pro-life issues, books, etc., is:

The Family Resource Center, 321 Main Street, Peoria, IL 61602; (309) 637-1713.

They have a wonderful, continually growing collection of videos: old VHS and new DVDs of anything worth watching and then some. Also audio books and pro-life tapes. One just needs to order the selection: up to 6 films, then pay for the postage (both coming and going). We get to see lots of great films, otherwise not available, and then we might track down and buy 1 out of dozens we’ve seen, that we’re sure we’ll watch again, and then we aren’t buying so many to collect dust here. We try to find reviews of the films on-line and elsewhere. (Ignatius Press catalog, good reviews and where we might purchase some of the newer films).

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