St.Ignatius Catholic Study Bible Reviews?


Does anybody own a St. Ignatius Catholic Study Bible? If so, how is it compared to NIV study Bibles or NA study Bibles?


for academic work the ignatius is the best bible you can get. I have a non study version and I love it. RSVCE is very close to the correct translation of scripture.


It ok. Only new testament though. I prefer the navarre texts. Aquiring them a few at a time from used.


I’ve had the 2nd Edition(2010) Ignatius (NT only) about two years and have been consistently disappointed, consequently spending 80-90% of my time still with my 1990 NAB.
I was immediately disappointed by what I thought was vagueness and lack of detail in the first two introductions and the list of prior translations in the Ignatius, which seemed to permeate much of the commentary. I hoped to find significant explanation of the “adaptations” from prior RSV editions, but didn’t, although I’ll acknowledge that the NAB doesn’t do much here either.
The NAB has an outstanding, separate Dictionary/Concordance which is outstanding and I highly recommend it for all Bible readers, although I admit it’s a bit more effective and easier when used with the NAB translation. The Ignatius has its own concordance, but it’s very abbreviated compared to my Strong’s concordance.
The Ignatius has a good deal more commentary, but its tone and language often seem to be talking “down” to the reader, much like I feel when reading “common English” editions where I think the quality and clarity are seriously diminished.


I have it on my Kindle and I love it. It tends to give both sides of the story when it comes to Biblical opinion on dates, authors and interpretations. Do you have a smartphone or tablet? If so then download the Ignatius/Lighthouse media Bible Study app. Its based on the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. It comes with the entire RSV-2CE as well as all the notes and commentaries for the Gospel of John. These are the same notes and commentaries you would get from the book copy. It should give you an idea if you like it or not and the rest of the study notes are available for purchase. Ignatius Press is also coming out with The Didache Study Bible with notes based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is due out in a few weeks. It may be worth waiting for.


Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - New Testament and the Complete New Testament Set which appears to be the NT but separated into a dozen or so separate volumes. The set costs about 4x of the one volume NT but I am wondering if I am missing something that is in the set that isn’t in the NT one volume.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ignatius Press released individual paperback books of the New Testament before the whole was finished. They are releasing individual books now of the Old Testament before the release of the complete Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. The material in the individual book is the same as the the complete NT.


I own a copy of the Ignatius Study Bible. It is the second Catholic Edition, not the First Catholic Edition. It is the RSV-2CE.

The RSV-2CE is a fine Bible but people seem to fawn over it. It is important to put what it is and isn’t in proper perspective. Some have the idea that it is some new breakthrough or that it is the new gold standard in Catholic translations or versions. I am a little less enthusiastic.

First, everyone should read eschator83’s comments in post 4 of this thread. I’ll add that most NABs have a robust cross reference.

Most are focused on the “extras” which come with the Ignatius Study Bible but regarding the actual Biblical text, the 2CE was produced entirely by Ignatius. They have not given the names of the people involved in the updates to the text nor have they ever articulated a philosophy behind the changes they made. Some critics have labeled the process used to select verses and words to be updated as “cherry picking” or otherwise arbitrary and this criticism isn’t without merit.

Many other Bibles such as the NABRE and NRSV have incorporated later archeological findings and information from the Dead Sea Scrolls into the texts. Say what you want about the translations but the fact that these have included the latest scholarly advances is to their credit. The same cannot be said of the RSV-2CE.

Personally, I love the essays and word studies in the Ignatius Study Bible but I don’t think the actual text of the RSV-2CE deserves its reputation as the new gold standard for Catholic Bibles. Your mileage may vary and I’m happy if people encounter Christ through it. If you like the extras then go for it.

As a side note, the Navarre series uses the RSV-CE and incorporates teaching from St. Josemaria Escriva in the footnotes.



I have two Catholic Study Bibles, the Ignatius Study Bible, and the Navarre Study Bible, both are excellent. I’ve never seen a Catholic NIV study Bible. Is it from a Catholic book publisher?


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