St Jane de Chantal

The feast of St Jane was moved from Dec 12 (in the US… feast of our lady of Guadalupe) to Aug 18th. This year, it has been moved to Aug 12.

Why they second move?

The move was to bring it in conformity with the General calendar. One of the goals of the reform of the liturgical calendar was to assign to each saint as his/her feast, the “heavenly birthday” (day of death) as far as possible. St. Jane died on December 13, but since that was occupied she was placed on the 12th.

However, in the United States, the bishop had recently (in 1962) adopted nationally the celebration of OL Guadalupe (with the rank of III Class), and in the revision of the Proper Calendar of the USA, this was carried over with the rank of a “memorial”. In 1988, to enable the celebration of St. Jane (especially since OL Guadalupe was given greater prince and raised to a Feast), the bishops requested that she be transferred to August 18, in the USA.

In 1999, Pope John Paul declared her Patroness of the Americas, with the liturgical privileges. This impeded the celebration of St. Jane throughout the Americas. As a result, the CDW, when inserting new saints and memorials into the Universal Calendar, also transferred St. Jane’s feastday from December 12 to August 12. This worked well, because a year later, in 2002, Pope John Paul II inserted both St. Juan Deigo and OL Guadalupe into the General Calendar.

Therefore, the date was moved in the USA from August 18 to August 12, to align it with the Universal Calendar, according to the norms on Particular Calendars. The norms state that there must be some special reason for observing a saint on a day other than that specified in the Universal Calendar

Thanks. I printed all this out so I can study it.

It looks like St Jane (one my favs) has had a bumpy ride.

13 Dec would do fine, but got bumped to 12 Dec
OLG superseded (in the US) so got bumped (in the US) to 18 Aug
OLG made the universal calendar so she got bumped in the universal calendar to 12 Aug
So US had to go like the rest of the world so she got bumped to 12 Aug (in the US).

I hope she has a home now at 12 Aug.

She has a GREAT home now regardless of when we celebrate her being home.

But I am glad to hear where the move from the 18 to the 12 came from. I was sacristan for the morning Mass and went by the ordo but was a little confused looking for it in the sacramentary . (And then for the LOH had to flip to December for the prayer.

Aww . . . I liked having her feast day on my wedding Anniv (8/18).

One small correction. I would make it like so:

13 Dec would do fine, but got assigned to 12 Dec because of St. Lucy
OLG superseded (in the US) so got bumped (in the US) to 18 Aug
OLG made Patroness of the Americas so she got bumped (2 years later) to August 12 in Universal Calendar
OLG inserted in the Universal Calendar.
US had to go like the rest of the world so she got bumped to 12 Aug (in the US).

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