St. Joan of Arc Day: Two dying communities

Both communities dedicated to St. Joan of Arc have small clutches of sisters at the present. One was founded in Massachusetts, but moved the Motherhouse to Quebec. The other had a French name, but settled in Ottawa.

The Sisters of St. Joan of Arc, who are based in Quebec, closed all of their convents due to age, and have just one in Canada. Their charism was to minister in rectories. Their motherhouse was sold to a developer who turned the building into condos.

The Sisters of the Institute of Joan of Arc, as of late 2016, sold their motherhouse for supplemental housing. They were originally founded for hosting safe housing for working women, and sponsoring women’s trade classes. As a side note, supplemental housing in that area of the world has a 7 year waiting list.

The Institute of Joan of Arc said they are no longer accepting applications. The Sisters of St. Joan of Arc may be in the same boat.

How sad. St Joan of Arc is an inspiration to young Catholic women.

As to houses closing, hopefully the sisters are well taken care of - prayers
for them.

Who knows, there may be another resurgence to the religious life for females.

But if both communities rethought the situation , they might survive. Hate to see to communities dedicated to this warrior saint just give up.

Has everything to do with whether or not they could give a novice – or novices – a decent novitiate. If they’re too old, there’s the possibility of nobody having the health to put that much of themselves into the formation.

Many of the communities embraced changes “in the spirit of Vatican II” There are many new orders starting up in the last 10 years or so that focus on the traditional but embrace modern technology to recruit and fund raise. This sounds like a wonderful charism for an Order. I do know of one in Missouri that makes vestments for priests and grow all their own food. I think they have also put out a few CD’s but are cloistered.

Truth be told, once those Communities choose suppression, anyone​ can restore them 100 percent if done within 100 years. Even the old habit can be brought back.

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