St. Joan's in Minneapolis causing trouble again

St. Joan’s was going to hold a gay pride prayer service until the Archbishop stepped in and forbid them from holding it. The church drew a rebuke from author Ben D. Kennedy for dishonoring the Saint for which they are named: Saint Joan of Arc. The letter Kennedy sent to the church can be read at:

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That’s the spirit, Mr. Kennedy! Spoken like a true soldier of St. Joan!

Unfortunately, the same problem applies to a number of renegade parishes, especially Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco…

Someone posted some pictures at the Free Republic forum from the gay pride parade they had instead:

Pretty sick people to have little children holding signs saying “Gay love is not a mortal sin.”

Let us all hope and pray that Archbishop Nienstedt does a lot more to bring this parish under control.


I only saw one photo, and it didn’t show a child holding the sign you mentioned.

No idea why you could not see the photos because they display just fine in all their perverted glory on my computer.

Did you miss reading the description of the parade that says:

"About 100 people marched from the parking lot to the front of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in south Minneapolis, where they celebrated a service officials from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis had banned from the church itself.

Lucia Engelhardt, 2, was helping her sister Anna, 9, carry a sign reading “Gay love is not a mortal sin.”

Their 7-year-old sister, Ingrid, also carried a sign supporting gays in the Catholic Church."

I only see one picture also. I see several white boxes with the red “x” in them-it would seem that some pictures have been disabled or removed from the website in question.

As for St. Joan’s, you can read what the priest has to say here:
until the link de-activates in a week or so (it doesn’t “deactivate” but the page updates)

You have to scroll to one of the posts that had a link for all of the pictures that some were disgusting…putting aside the gay issue altogether, I don’t appreciate the lewd filthy display wheather or not it is gay or straight. Either way it is the farthest behavior from a Catholic Christian people that is even possible. And a St. Joan of Arc was going to condone this filth by holding a prayer service for them? Wonder if this pastor has the slightest idea of the concept of “putity”?:rolleyes:

You can go directly to the pictures urls to see them by right clicking on the missing picture box and going to properties for the url. For some reason they do not come up at times on FreeRepublic(too lewd?). Here are the url’s: (CAUTION - this is one of a man wearing nothing but underwear marching in the parade.)

I also found a whole series of pictures at the url below for a Gay Pride Parade that took place last month in Minneapolis. Don’t know if it is the same parade but I doubt they had more than one:

OMG the pictures from parade are so disgusting. I can’t believe any church leaders would be associated with such an awful display. Thank God that Archbishop Nienstedt at least kept these people out of the church. I had no idea it was this bad when I made my original post.

They had better make that church change its name! Joan of Arc would NEVER have ANYTHING to do with something like that!

I have been a huge fan of hers my entire life and I know she would never go for any of that garbage!

The picture I saw was a stereotypical one which may or may not have been from the Twin Cities event. Most same-gender preference people you could not pick out of a crowd as they look normal like everyone else. I hope St Joan of Arc can continue their ministry for years to come.

The FreeRepublic link is only the first step to seeing the pictures that the others are discussing. One of the FreeRepublic posts has this link:
That is where the pictures actually are located. Be sure to keep clicking on “next” to see them all.

I think you will find them to be very tame, but that doesn’t mean that the other comments are necessarily are wrong - it just speaks to our different backgrounds. Some people find the word “damn” to be unspeakably offensive - others are used to it.

Tame? You consider pictures of half-naked transvestites tame?

The real question to ask regarding ANY activity that takes place at a church is whether or not it honors God. In regard to this vile display: I THINK NOT!!! And this is exactly what they wanted to bring into Saint Joan’s for their Gay Pride Prayer service.

I’m not sure that was a transvestite, but however you classify him its certainly no more revealing than what you might see at the beach.

And this is exactly what they wanted to bring into Saint Joan’s for their Gay Pride Prayer service.

I’m not sure they wanted to bring parade marchers into the church. My guess is that the service would have attracted parade goers.


You seem to have ignored the most important part of my last post: “The real question to ask regarding ANY activity that takes place at a church is whether or not it honors God.”

The house of God is not the beach and having a prayer service celebrating pride in what the bible defines as an “abomination” is NOT HONORING TO GOD.

Lord have Mercy.:byzsoc:

Dear emander,

May God be with you!

I live in Mpls too. This parish is very sad. But there is great hope in the person of Archbishop John Neinstad!!!

God bless him and God bless yoU!

I am hearing rumors that gay activists are planning some kind of protest rally at the church to coincide with the Republican National Convention in Mnpls. Will this church ever learn and when do they actually get around to worshipping God?

We need to be praying hard for Archbishop John Neinstad!!! He has a huge job!!! Once evil takes root in a place it fights hard to keep it! St. Joan Parish is the most liberal parish, but it is not the only liberal parish that needs help! When we lived there, it took a long time for us to find a parish that was orthodox. Also prayers to Fr. Altier of that diocese. May we all one day get to hear his homilies again!!!

If it were a prayer service for the conversion of homosexuals, or that they may be able to live with their “proclivity” without acting upon and committing mortal sin, that would be one thing. But, a prayer service celebrating mortal sin and sodomy is a sacriledge. If this Parish continues stubbornly to advocate such behaviour, then it should be dissolved.

Here is a St. Joan of Arc church more worthy of her name:

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