St. John Vianney Commentary on Priests


I suppose I could have looked to see if this has been posted about in the past, but I read this with a group of a few other guys. I had heard of it before then, but wow, this is such a great article! It is especially awe-inspiring for men discerning the priesthood, but it is also a good article for lay people to read.

Just thought I might share. :slight_smile:




Your link is faulty, OP. Note that you have two http's. Please correct it. :)


My bad. This one should be good.

I couldn't find out how to edit my that something you can do only within a certain amount of time after posting it?


Yes, you only have about 20 minutes before the edit feature is turned off.

In posting links using the web icon, you need to delete the 'http' that comes up automatically and then insert your own. Most links already have the http built-in. I think you already figured that out in your second try. :p I wonder if that should be posted in "bug reports?"


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