St Joseph, Abraham, the Church Fathers compare them?

Did the Church Fathers compare the faith of St. Joseph and Abraham? How did they understand the tremendous faith of both these holy men?

God’s worst enemy is rational thinking…it is the only thing that will eventually destroy him…
Rex Mundi.
The God of Abraham is God-the-Father… agree…
Jesus and God-the-Father are part of the Trinity so Jesus and God-the-Father are one and the same God…agree…
Ask any Muslim and he will tell you emphatically that Islam has not abandoned the God of Abraham…so Allah is the God of Abraham…Which makes Jesus and Allah one and the same God…agree?..
When logic challenges superstition, logic will always win…Rex Mundi.

I don’t know about the Fathers, but I certainly compare them. The trial of Joseph when confronted with a virginal yet pregnant spouse, yet who never lost faith in her innocence, compares readily to Abraham’s trial of sacrificing his beloved son. Both were arrested at the last minute from carrying out their plans by an Angel of the Lord. :slight_smile: :angel1:

Thanks. Good comparison

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