St Joseph and Manhood


I am looking for a prayer to St Joseph asking his intercession in helping my formation as a Catholic man…I’ve found prayers for husbands and fathers, but I’m not married and don’t have children. Is there any prayer to him that just asks his guidance and intercession in becoming a better man?



G’day KephasAugustine
The best prayer you can say is from your own heart asking him to pray to the Father with you in your quest to live as a strong man of God. Cheers May God bless geoff


those prayers have only been written by other people, you should speak to st joseph in your own words and say all that you want to say, it will be more personal, and you could write it down until you have learnt it


KephasAugustine- I definitely agree with searcher geoff and Heavenly Joy. You can always go to St. Joseph with your Prayers.

Look at St. Teresa of Avila she Prayed to St. Joseph for healing.

If you are interested here are a couple websites for you.

Patron Saints for single men

St. Joseph please Pray for KephasAugustine, all men, women, and children.


Does anyone know of a Catholic Men’s group specifically devoted to St. Joseph? I’ve never seen one, and it seems like such a no-brainer to me.

Or am I missing it? LoL.


Rawb- I did a google search and found this:

Rhode Island men of St. Joseph:

The Men of St. Joseph

Brothers of St. Joseph the Worker

St. Joseph for Dad’s

I hope the links are helpful and remember you can always ask your Parish Priest or anyone.

God bless,


Pray to any male Saint. Saint Joseph is known for patronage of fatherhood, not manhood.

Adam is the one named “man.” I don’t think it is advisable to pray to him, though, because he is not considered a Saint. Praying for him would be good, though.

I think for praying about your manhood, it is best to go to Jesus. That is just my opinion, though. Saint Joseph would be just as good as any other Saint in my opinion, also. Even Saint Joseph looked to Jesus for how to be.



It is obvious you know NOT the Foster Father of the Son of God; you know NOT the Chaste Guardian of the Virgin; you know NOT of the Spouse of the Mother of God - ST. JOSEPH!

Would you care to educate yourself and get to know him and his office and his various titles? We have started a new thread as of today, a thread that will help many of us gain an inside knowledge of “Chosen Blessed St. Joseph”.

By God, he was “chosen” just the way Mary was “chosen” from the very beginning. He is not Jesus’ father, yet has the title and was called “Father” by Jesus Himself!!!

A true man, is a man who has control over his passions! Ever heard of that?

Protector of the Virgin, and being a virgin himself does NOT make him any less of a man nor does it rob him of MANHOOD



You have chosen very rightly : St. Joseph
Please do visit the group “Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother” as we have a thread there in the honor of St. Joseph.

We have many prayers that will be posted from time to time.


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