St. Joseph and Mary


I have had a devotion to Mary, Joseph and St. Anne since I was a child. I especially pray to Joseph for my children and he recently helped me find a job. I was meditating on the joys and sorrows they suffered and I started to wonder if Mary mourned Joseph when he died, how they lived together, did they laugh, have fun, have lots of joy…then I wondered why the church never mentioned her feelings toward him in any way. If they were supposed to marry, wouldn’t she have cared for him? Why do you think the gospels never mentioned him, even in passing, as to why he wasn’t at the crucifixion. I understand he wasn’t a “major player” in some ways, but he raised Jesus , clothed him, fed him, and protected Jesus and Mary and I’m sure Jesus loved him.
Just random thoughts that I never really put at rest. Anyone else wonder about them?


Not all that much.

Joseph and Mary no doubt loved each other, but they were caught up in events and the will of God in such a unique way that it makes much of what we would think of as “normal” life pale by comparison.

Messages from angels and in dreams, fleeing a wicked king who slaughtered hundreds in an attempt to kill Our Lord as an infant…and just consider the miracle and the differences that having the only Son Of God as your son and step-son would entail.

Tradition teaches that Joseph was a much older man and a widower. Most people believe that he passed away before Jesus ever began his public ministry.

LOL…it does give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” :ehh:


I realize they had a “supernatural life” but I’m sure plenty of normal days of work, eating and play. Sometimes I try to meditate on that saying the rosary and as a mom myself, picture the nurturing that went on, such as St. Joseph teaching him how to make things.
I believe like some St. Joseph devotees, that he wasn’t that old. An order devoted to him said that was started in part because the church felt it was easier to explain why he didn’t want physcial realtions with Mary. Although no one knows for sure, I have heard priests on EWTN repeat that and that’s why all their statues depicit him younger.


I loooove St Joseph.


in December, 1870, according to the wishes of the bishops and of all the faithful, he solemnly declared the Holy Patriarch Joseph, patron of the Catholic Church

Sometimes, we should not think that because one person is less mentionedin the Bible, he/she had less role. The opposite can be seen at Virgin Mary.


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