St Joseph: Communities


Contemplatives of St. Joseph, CA:

Brothers of St. Joseph the Worker, OH:

Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, MD:

Brothers of St. Joseph the Worker, Uganda:…pdf

Oblates of St. Joseph (men):

Dominican Friars, St. Joseph Province, US:


Passionist Monastery of St. Joseph, KY:

St Joseph Abbey, LA:

Poor Clares of Aptos, CA:

Benedictine Sisters, OK:

Loughrea Carmel, IR:

Benedictine Monks, Flavigny, FR:


Seattle Carmel, WA:

Trappist Monks, Spencer, MA:

St. Louis Carmel, MO:

New Capuchin Poor Clares, Alamo, TX:


Um, where are the literally DOZENS of communities of Sisters of St. Joseph?

Here is a portal to begin locating communities in the United States:

There are also a number of individual websites, many accessible through the site I give above.


Also, there are the Josephite Fathers;


I didn’t finish the thread, but I knew you would probably supply. Thanks for taking up the slack.:thumbsup:

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