St. Joseph Continuous Sunday Missal

I have an opportunity to purchase a 1961 St. Joseph Continuous Sunday Missal. Anyone familiar with this one? I am asking because I am going to my Church’s Indult Mass soon & I would like to have a Missal, so I can follow along & learn. :slight_smile:

Missal Comparisons

There are many publishers that are “re-printing” old missals with up-to-date calendars according to the traditional liturgical year. Don’t feel like you have to get old ones.

Baronius Press makes a very popular 1962 missal.

Bonaventure Press publishes a reprint of the 1953 St. Joseph’s Missal.

Many others, as listed on the chart above, are available through many American retailers.


Continuous Missals were pretty popular because they generally had the entire Mass in English with no Latin at all. Also you didn’t have to flip the pages back and forth to go from the Canon to the changeable parts of the Mass.

Purists generally don’t like them due to the absence of Latin.

St. Josephs Missals were very good overall.

I have several different versions of the continuous Missal, both for Sundays as well as every day of the year.

Thank you, Rich!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the information Palmas85. This one does have Latin, though. I’ll take your advice on the St. Joseph Missals. :slight_smile:

I have never seen a continuous Missal with Latin. Are you sure you don’t have a regular St Josephs daily or Sunday Missal? They would have the Ordinary and Canon of the Mass in the center with the seasons and various feasts arranged around it requiring that you flip back and forth.

The continuous missals had the entire mass in sequence for every day one after the other, thus the term continuous.because you didn’t have to flip the pages back and forth…

Something else occurs to me. If you have any relatives who were old enough to have attended a TLM, ask if they still have their Missals. I still have both my “little” St. Joseph’s (gotten at First Communion) and my “big” St. Joseph’s (gotten at Confirmation). DW still has her’s and her parent’s. My sister has our mother’s and her own. These old missals are often a treasure trove of family memories. Old holy cards. My mother’s very worn and very battered Novena to OLPH. Just a thought.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Catholic items from my relatives. I’m a convert . My Paternal Grandfather was Catholic, but when he married my non-Catholic Grandmother they raised their children in the Episcopal Church. His parents were from Italy, they came here in 1900 and they too were Catholic. They passed away many years ago. Sadly I have nothing handed down as far as a Bible, Prayer Cards, Missal or Rosary but I’d give anything to be in possession of one of those things.:frowning: So I’m looking on E-Bay. Whatever I get I will make sure it get’s passed down to my Daughter and she passes it down when she has a child.:slight_smile:

Palmas85, I sent a p.m. to you:)

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