St. Joseph overlooked again?

Today is the Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker. Since it is a Saturday, I am afraid many will not give St. Joseph a second thought today. EWTN of course celebrated him. Are there churches that have Daily Mass on Saturdays? None of our local churches do. His Feast Day is March 19, which will fall on a Saturday next year. Is there a reason why the Church does not move the celebrations of important saint’s feast days and memorials to a Friday or Monday when they fall on a Saturday or Sunday? Also, would it be appropriate to sing a hymn to St. Joseph at Vigil Masses today since the Sunday readings will be read? It is still Saturday.

Plenty of churches have Mass on Saturdays–where I have lived, all do. As for transferring feasts. Solemnities, the highest class of feasts, are celebrated on the Sundays of Ordinary Time, should they fall then, as are feasts (next highest group) of Our Lord. Should these feasts fall on the Sundays of Advent, Lent or Easter, they are transferred to the next free day, typically the next day.

The Feast of Saint Joseph on March 19 is a Solemnity; so must be celebrated on March 19 unless superseded by a day of higher rank [Lenten Sunday or Holy Week]. If it is superseded, it must be celebrated on the next available day.

The Memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker is an optional memorial. It is the celebrant’s choice whether or not to celebrate it. This feast was created to offset the socialist celebrations of Labor Day in Europe, which has/had strong anti-Catholic tones.

A Blessed Feast of St Joseph the Worker to you! Yes, it is a recently established feast day, and may be optional. But any day we honor the Holy Foster Father of Our Lord is a good day.
I said a novena in preperation for this day and it has awakened in me a devotion to this Holy Saint. Deo Gratias!

“** But any day we honor the Holy Foster Father of Our Lord is a good day. **” :thumbsup:

Thank you. There are no Bible quotes to attribute to St. Joseph, ‘just’ his actions. I can imagine he and St. Francis would have been good friends. I can only believe that the same care St. Joseph gave to his family, he also put into his work - all a labor of love. So he does fit in well with the readings for today, too.

Do any churches near you have Daily Mass on Saturday?

St. Joseph, pray for us.

St. Joseph wasn’t overlooked in our Diocese.

For the past 7 years, on the feast of St. Joseph, our Diocese hosts a men’s march, called " A Call to Catholic Men of Faith".

We march silently from our riverfront, to the Cathedral of St. Mary, where we recite the rosary, and then celebrate Mass with our Bishop, Daniel Jenky. Of course there is fellowship, and confession available before and after the March.

Each year seems to draw more and more men and their sons. Here is a link to last year’s event. (this year’s hasn’t been uploaded yet)

This has also happened to me recently after reading a very good book about Brother Andre of Mount Carmel (or of Montreal) who devoted his whole existence to Saint Joseph.

I think that it all depends on where you regularly go to church. I know that my parish, which happens to be St. Joseph’s has 3 Masses on Saturday. I doubt that he is being over looked because May 1 is the feast of St. Joseph the worker and March 19th is his feast as the Universal Father of the Church so that feast is higher than May 1. Also due to the fact that his beautiful feast landed on a Saturday this year most Churches that maybe do not have Mass everyday will wait until Sunday to celebrate a feast like this one. Oh and btw on the third Wednesday after Easter the Church celebrates the Solemnity of St. Joseph. Believe me if it was up to me I would celebrate every single feast and Wednesday(the day dedicated to St. Joseph) with a High Mass for St Joseph!! I love him soo much!

In The Most Chaste Spouse of Mary…

It is “Mount Royal” and not “Mount Carmel”. Mount Royal is the location of St. Joseph’s Oratory in the city of Montreal, Canada.

I hope you don’t mind my correction.

The FSSP parishes in Seattle and Vancouver, BC both held Masses for St. Joseph. As did the SSPX chapels. Our local NO parish did not. Amazing!

Some more spring time, I guess.

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