St Joseph prayers to sell house?

Dear Friends,
I am looking for a Novena to St. Joseph to help me sell my house. I have heard of the statue burying thing, but I am uncomfortable with that idea. It seems very superstitious… What do you all think about that?

Anyway, if you know a good, proper prayer to St. Joseph that I could say, that would be great. I would like to do things right since I am a new Catholic, as of last Easter Vigil. Thank you!
God Bless!

we did not bury a statue because yes I think it is superstitious, but we got a mini St. Joseph statue in an appeal from a missionary order and I placed it on the kitchen window of our mobile home, which had been advertised for a year, and prayed specifically every day as part of my morning prayer for St. Joseph to find the right buyer. He did so within the month, and to show his generosity, also helped us identify and correct some structural damage that could have been serious and stopped the sale. I know it was St. Joseph because the couple who bought it have a son named Joseph and the gentlemen is an amateur woodworker.

I have an individual house in USA. The roof is covered by cement sheet (asbestos sheet), no ceiling. We have planned to sell for $.27L. Due to cement sheet the buyer is not interested to buy the house. But all the other facilities are available. We don’t have any money to rebuild it. Hence please tell me a solution to sell this house.

Sell House Fast

Yes that is superstition and a grave sin against the First Commandment.

I’d never heard of this custom of burying a St. Joseph statue until I read it on these boards.

Does anyone know how it originated? Does it come from a particular country or culture?

What I was told is that there was an order of nuns who wanted to buy a parcel of land. They burried medals of St Joseph in the land they wanted to buy. They got the land. Somehow that turned into placing a St. Joseph statue in the land you want to sell:shrug:

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