St Joseph statue buried in the yard?

Do Catholics bury a statue of St. Joseph or some other saint in the yard when they move to a new house? If so, why and what is the significance?

I don’t know how that got started. But if you order the “home sale kit” which includes a statue of St. Joseph it will also include a novena. It explains to place the statue anywhere in your home (like any other statue) and ask St. Joseph to intercede for you. He is the patron saint of families. Moving and selling/buying a new house can be trying times for families so that’s a good reason to appeal to St. Joseph I suppose!

As far as burying the statue, again, I dont know how that got started, but someone once offered the argument that it might be a leap of faith.

Anytime we’ve moved, I just ask him to pray for our family.

We Catholics have many little devotions, not endorsed by Church authorities, that are still part of our popular culture. This is one of them.

I have never buried a statue of St. Joseph in my yard - to me that seems too much like a “magic spell” for material gain.

There’s an interesting history of this practice here:


Boy what an idiot. I wish I had known about this tradition before I tried selling my last two houses! I could have made out much better if I had a statue! Oh well, I’m going straight to the statue store and buying my statue of St. Joseph now so that I can get him buried early. Why wait till the house is on the market? He’ll be down there for so long he’ll urge me to sell and bring a great offer before I even know I need to move!


Good to know! Thanks for the “heads up”. :thumbsup:

Speaking of “heads up”, now don’t bury him upside-down guys. That’s just not nice. Unless, of course, you live in Australia or New Zealand, where he would be, well… right-side up. :confused: :bigyikes:

One of the more reasons that I like the Catholic church is all the traditions. Most of these traditions-like lighting candles- to make our common everyday life seem more holy and sacred. Saying that, I am not certain what to think about this one. It sort of makes me laugh. Poor St. Joseph being buried upside down in the ground. I think that my kids would enjoy this one, but I don’t know what my neighbors would think. Especially, the very religious Baptist family to the right of me.

Hey, I have not personally done this (as I have never owned a house yet), but I know my parents did this a few years back (actually they did this twice) when they needed to sell the house for financial reasons. Both times they got their fair asking price as soon as the house was put on the market. Coincidence???:hmmm: Thanks and God Bless.

Our Priest said this was an “American thing” - not done in other countries that he was aware of. He said Priests would rather you not do this - it’s makes Catholics look nutty. He said go ahead & pray to St. Joseph if you want to sell your house but don’t stick him in the dirt.

Never heard of this until last year and I been a Catholic all my life. It was brought to my attention by some non-catholics trying to get me to change religion.

Poor St. Joseph! If the people burying his statue displayed that same statue in a place of honor it would seem so much more respectful of the foster father of Jesus. I love St. Joseph, and I really dislike this practice. But he’s a good guy; he puts up with this practice and still interceeds on our behalf. What a great saint! A statue of him with the blessed mother and Jesus sits upon my kitchen window sill where I can think of his family while I cook and do dishes for my family.

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