St. Joseph statues and superstition

Would placing a letter under a statue of St. Joseph to get a prayer answered be considered superstitious?

Saint Andre Bessette used to do such things. Many thought it superstitious, but the simple Brother Andre saw nothing wrong with such simple practices. The key to the efficacious devotion is the confidence that you place in Saint Joseph that he will hear and act on your petition. Ite ad Joseph (Go to Joseph)!

I place my prayer intentions under a statue of Our Lady and under a table top crucifix, to me its simply a way of remembering my intention and being sure that its constantly known to Our Lord and Lady, even if I do end up forgetting.

Well, beats burying it, as some people do when selling their houses. I’ve always thought that seemed a bit disrespectful to poor St Joseph.

I don’t quite see the purpose, except maybe to remind you to pray for your intention. It’s not like St Joseph will forget or ignore it, even if it’s unwritten.

No, I would not say that it is not superstitious. As humans, sometimes we need a physical substance to bolster our belief that God is answering a prayer. Leaving letters underneath a statue is not superstitious in the slightest.

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

I sold 2 homes both with the help of St Joseph. The first home before I was Catholic… I buried it upside down in the front yard. (now I cant believe I did that)

The second home, I just had the statue on a shelf and asked him for his help.

I don’t see anything wrong with his statue on a letter. It will remind you to pray for your intention.

Thanks for the info. What a wonderful Saint… I had never heard of him before.

I believe that if you think the statue is what is answering your prayers - then it’s superstition and maybe idolatry. But if you believe that it’s who the statue represents (through Jesus) that is answering your prayer, then it’s not superstition or idolatry.

Give credit to the action of the saint - acting through the power of Jesus Christ - not some piece of wood, resin, or metal.

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