St. Joseph was a just man

St. Joseph was the patron Saint of workers, was a very just man. According to the Old Testament, the meaning of the righteous man is given as : “The righteous will shine like a sun in the kingdom of their father”. And truly St.Joseph will be in the kingdom of heaven praying for us.

Today March 19th, is the feast of St.Joseph. The Catholic church instructs us to celebrate this feast even in the days of lent, underlining the importance of the saint.

And historically March 19 is the day the Swallows come back to Capistrano! :slight_smile: < as “miracles” go … this one may be in the more in the class of the “Miracle Mets of 1969” than the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. But the birds do return to the Mission. Even if in recent years they’ve been confused and build nests at nearby Saddleback College a bit more (to a less friendly welcome … as the school gets rid of their nests).

When I was a schoolboy in Illinois we read a tale of a kindly old Padre that nursed an injured swallow back to health and kept him as a pet over the winter. The next year, as the swallows departed, his pet wanted to stay again. The old priest sent the bird on his way to rejoin the flock.

Next spring, to his surprise, the bird returned to the mission … with a mate! And built a nest nearby that was soon full of new life. And each year the family of birds returned to the Mission, bringing with them more and more of the flock.

A nice story (true or legendary). Happy Day St. Joseph! The quiet saint (who never speaks in the Bible, but listens, acts and serves when the Lord speaks through angels to him. :slight_smile:

Father of Jesus Christ, chaste husband of Mary and patron of workers.

A great Saint for any man to turn to for guidance.

He is our Patron Saint for us.

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