St Joseph


How likely is it for someone to live a holy life until they’re like 80 and then fall away from the faith at the very end of life? … I pray to St. Joseph for a holy death a lot, hoping that this helps. Thoughts?


Praying to St. Joseph for your intentions.


I’m afraid I can’t give u any percentages, but I would say very unlikely, though, but certainly possible.

If someone has lived a saintly life for a large part of their life (especially till they were 80), I would think that God would grant them many more graces than the usual person who has been living a worldly life for pretty much their whole life, and allow things to happen in their life, perhaps thru the intercession of those within that person’s life, such that they would not be lost in the end, and that they would repent (if they were in mortal sin) before they die.

Just my humble opinion, though.

God bless! :slight_smile:


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