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I went to a mass for the first time awhile back and one of the Sunday school teacher’s gave me a little St. Joseph’s picture book explaining the mass. I know it’s a children’s book but I really liked it. I’ve misplaced the book and I’d like to have more of series since they explain things really well. I was hoping any parents here might know of these books and be able to tell me more about them and where I can get them.

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You must mean the books by Father Lovasik! They are wonderful and there is an entire series of them--from the lives of the saints to explaining prayers like the Apostles' Creed. Check out this link:

The books run about $1.50 each. Also check out their books by Mary Fabyan Windeatt... she's got an excellent series of chapter books about the lives of the saints. Enjoy!


Thank you so much BlueRose. I even see the little mass book that the Sunday School teacher gave me and they don't cost very much at all :)


If you keep your eyes peeled on Amazon, you can buy the St Joseph picture books @ 10 for 1.50 - this is a package with 10 copies of the same book - that is what we order for CCD and give away :thumbsup:


I love these, too! I usually get them at the local Catholic shops. We have about 3 stores around here that carry them. Our favorite is the Catholic ABCs book. My toddler loves this one.


I love the Fr. Lovasik books. You can find them at Leaflette Missal company, google them please as I never remember their web-site address off the top of my head.

Never mind, I found it

Brenda V.


I just ordered 3 10 packs myself. I have a lot of baby showers coming up. They were $1.50 per pack!


I just ordered a bunch too. They’ll be perfect to keep my little ones occupied during Mass. Thanks for the link!


Wow, thanks everyone...hehehe...I didn't think I'd get this many responses :) I was just hoping for one good one but I got quite a few good ideas/links :)


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