St Joseph's Sunday Missal


Hello everyone! I have used the St Joseph's Sunday Missal for many years. I thoroughly enjoy the paragraphs written before each reading and the summary prior the day's readings. The paragraph's give a background and summary of the meaning of the readings. Very informative. Anyway, I ordered a new Missal in large print so I wound have the revised prayers. I'm not happy with the new Missal. There are no more paragraph's explaining the readings! Just a "one line" statement before each reading! Is this just in the large print, or in all the new Missals? Soooo disappointed! Need input.


My St. Joseph Missal does have the long readings before the actual readings for that day. It is the Complete Edition, ISBN 978-0-89942-820-8


Mine says New St Joseph’s Sunday Missal Complete. In accordance with the third typical edition. It says short helpful explainations ( boy were they right on short). On the Aquinas website it said the new revised edition. For example before the Gospel for the 2nd Sunday of Advent it says “All flesh shall see the salvation of God”. That’s it! Is it like that in your Missal?


No, mine has a 3 paragraph intro for the gospel this week.


I suppose it must be the large print. Where did you get yours?


I got mine at a local book store here in Norman.


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