St Jude Thaddeus Thank you!

This is my opportunity to thank you St. Jude publically. I thank you for your prayers and protection to God when I was in Iraq last year. You being the Saint of the impossible and of desperate causes, you are a wonderful and great Saint. Thank you again.


You see people really don’t know about St. Jude and often confuse him with Judas Iscariot since he replaced Judas and no one really asks Jude for intecessions. God would like us to spread the word of this often ignored Saint in some public way, especially if he does intercede for you.

St Jude is always ready to listen to you and to help you, he interceded for me and he will for you too! :yup:

Isn’t he one of the original twelve? I thought Matthias replaced Iscariot.

Oops that is right I did some research. Mathias did replace Judas.

There’s a great little booklet about him available form TAN publishing ($3.00 or less, I don’t remember the price, but one of those things, where if you buy more than they are cheaper).

It is believed that he was a close relative of Jesus, probably his cousin. He was also the borther of James the lesser.

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