St. Juliana Falconieri's Eucharistic Miracle


Ave Maria!

Today is June 19th, the feast of St. Juliana Falconieri (Extraordinary Form). I thought she could be pretty inspiring for those discerning the religious life. Two miraculous things I thought were pretty amazing,

  1. while still in the crib, without any prompting, she pronounced the holy names of Jesus and Mary.

  2. when on her deathbed, she could not eat so she requested the priest to spread a corporal on her chest and lay the Eucharistic host on it, which soon disappeared and she died. An image of a cross, just like the one on the host, was found on her chest.

"Legend says she never gazed into a mirror, never looked at a man's face, trembled at the mention of sin, and fainted upon hearing scandalous gossip. "

Hymn: from the Roman Breviary:

*To be the Lamb's celestial bride
Is Juliana's one desire;
For this she quits her father's home
To dwell amid the virgin choir.

There day and night she mourns her Spouse;
Him crucified, she mourns with tears,
Till in herself, through very grief,
The image of that Spouse appears.

Wounded like him, she kneels transfixed
Before the Virgin-Mother's shrine,
And still the more she weeps, the more
Mounts in her heart the flame divine.

Such love abounding Christ repaid
His handmaid on her dying bed,
When with the food of heavenly life
As by a miracle he fed.*

St. Juliana Falconieri from Catholic Online

Butler's Lives of the Saints

Catholic Encyclopedia

Mary, Mother of Vocations, pray for us. St. Juliana, pray for us. Ave Maria!

In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

fra John Paul


Amazing...incredible holiness and charity...Union with her God. Thanks for sharing. I always wonder if this type of extraordinary miracle is happening somewhere in the Church today...and we just never hear about it.
Pax Christi.


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