St. Louis area family Christmas fun


I hope it's OK to shamelessly advertise this--it's just so cheap and so much fun.

Nutcracker On Ice will be presented for the 5th year at the Webster Groves Ice Arena.

The Saturday shows and the Sunday afternoon show are pretty much sold out.

But the Sunday evening show still has 300 seats available.

And--U.S. Silver Medalist Brandon Mroz will perform at the Sunday evening show.

This is a marvelous, fun, beautiful show for the whole family, including Dad. The story is well-acted by these young skaters--a great story, a allegory of the Christian Gospel, IMO. The battle scene between the Nutcracker and the toys (and Clara) and the Mouse Queen, her Shadow, and the Mice Army (all the young skaters) is simply precious!

The sets are professional-looking, not cheap. It's all so pretty and magical--there's a reason why the show sells out days before the actual show.

The show is only an hour long (Brandon and the St. Louis Synergy Synchro teams will add about ten more minutes). After the show, the skaters in their beautiful costumes will be in the lobby to greet the children and sign autographs--such a thrill for little ones.

Also--Santa Claus will be there!

You can buy cheap hot chocolate, cookies, etc. and eat them DURING the show (not like the ballet!).

There are cheap souvenirs (little Nutcrackers).

Last year, the program book was free--not sure if it will be this year. It's a beautiful book.

And you and your children can cheer and bark and hoo hoo hoo and applaud and scream out your support for all the skaters in the show while they're performing--again, not like the sedate, polite ballet!

And there will be falls--these are kids, local skaters, not professionals. They will fall, and they will get up and smile and keep on skating. A good lesson for everyone, right?

And there's even a place up in the balcony where little ones who are restless can stretch their legs and run back and forth--some kids are just too young to appreciate even a Mouse Queen and a battle scene!

Please come if you live in this area--it's a great Christmas treat for the whole family. Tickets are cheaper if you call in advance.

And bring canned goods--yes, there's even a canned food drive!


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