St Louis de Montfort Consecration to Mary

I am very interested in Consecrating myself to Jesus thru Mary and have just started reading St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary. I’m afraid I bought the wrong book because I was planning on the 33 day consecration and this is speaking of 3 weeks. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain how these two methods of consecration differ in their emphasis and result. If any one has made the 33 day consecration and/or the shorter 3 week consecration could you tell me about it, what it means to you and your relationship with our Lord and Lady? Why did you chose the consecration you eventually chose? I need help understanding the differences so I can make an eduacated choice as to what book should I buy, what consecration should I follow?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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I did the 33 day consecration. It is the consecration with the prayers for each phase lined out for you. You can actually get a free 33 day consecration book. Do a search and the page will come up. You can request online and they send it really quickly. (I can’t remember the link…) I think the consecration was pretty cool to do. I’m not really sure how to say what kind of change there has been, but I think it helps to remind ourselves how dependent we are on God. When you do the consecration, you are giving everything to Jesus through Mary. Everything. Every grace, every merit, every indulgence. Everything you have, will have, etc… You will go to judgement day empty-handed, so to speak. You will have to rely on Mary and Jesus to give you all the graces you need to go to heaven. You can’t build up your treasury for yourself… You give to others selflessly like Jesus and Mary did and have trust that in the end you will be taken care of. We are dependent on God for everything to start with, so the consecration just reinforces that, I think.

I don’t have the book in front of me right now and it has been some time since I made the consecration but I seem to remember a 3 week preparation period before the 33 day consecration. Could the consecration you are looking for be in the same book but after the 3 week period?


Thank you for your great information! I have a Consecration packet coming in the mail, so
I’m grateful and excited!
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Hi Leeray :slight_smile:

there is only one method of Consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary if you follow De Montfort… I know it’s confusing about the 33 days. What you do, is you spend the first 12 days ‘emptying yourself of the spirit of the world’, and *then *start the 3 week preparation… I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

don’t worry you bought the right book…

You can choose any Marian feast day on which to consecrate yourself. I chose June 27th, the feast day of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, because the icon has a special meaning for me. Here are some more:

I found that this devotion is really powerful if lived out properly. All you really have to do to ‘live it out’ is just not forget about it and try to do everything together with Mary… and the Holy Spirit will teach you the rest. St Louis de Montfort gives advice on this in his book. Also there are prayers you can say daily to keep your mind on the devotion and on Our Lady. I find that it really brings people closer to Jesus and helps destroy sinful tendencies… when we make the Consecration, we are no longer our own, we are God’s. We give ourselves fully to Him through Mary, which is a very sure way as De Montfort describes. So Mary works in our souls and helps us to follow God more perfectly. There is a beautiful humility in the idea of being fully submitted to God’s will like that… it helps to develop childlike trust in God and Mary…

I’m still discovering more about this devotion… even though I’ve already made the Consecration. I’m in the process of re-reading the book right now. I highly recommend it :thumbsup: St Louis de Montfort lived by this method himself, and he achieved great sanctity.

God bless

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