St. Louis woman becomes world's first Catholic priest to give birth

I placed this in secular news because it really isn’t Catholic news since it isn’t possible for a Catholic “priest” to give birth.

I am unhappy that this happened in my city, but at least the article makes the distinction that this person is part of an ECC, renegade “Catholic” church. I think it is clear that Rowley is not part of the Catholic Church.

I would say Mary giving birth to Jesus is far more important, but I know the media would differ with me on that point.

The story is false. Everyone know Mary Madgellan was the first catholic priest to bear a child…

And on top of it they are having the child baptized twice!! :rolleyes:

This woman has absolutely no clue whatsoever what she is.

How very sad for all of them, what a crazy mixed up family that must be.



The site says it all.:shrug:

Rev. Joe Rowley is Jessica’s husband and a pastor at Parkway United Church of Christ in Town and Country.

At present, Rowley serves as an Associate Pastor at Sts. Claire and Francis in Webster Groves. Many of her estimated 90 parishioners cannot receive communion in their former churches because they are divorced, remarried, gay or lesbian. Others said they joined Sts. Claire and Francis because they were searching for a new sense of spirituality.

Rev. Rowley does not belong to the organization called Roman Catholic Womenpriests. Last year, Rose Marie Hudson and Elsie McGrath were ordained in St. Louis and quickly excommunicated by Archbishop Raymond Burke.“This is different because this individual clearly belongs to a community separate from the Catholic Church,” said Lawrence Welch, the religious affairs spokesperson for the St. Louis Archdiocese. “What is different about last year is these women were claiming incorrectly and falsely they could somehow be catholic and participate in worship outside of the church.”

They have plans to baptize the boy in both churches. :eek:

Its a headline to deceive and to sell the news. Nothing more. When you get to the meat of the story it is just a bunch of confused people who have no clue what they are but claim wild things. Their claims are not based on reality and not true.

I agree. How sadly misguided they are. :frowning:

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