St. Lucia

I have two favorite Saints so far: St Bernadette and St Lucia.

A Google search led me to some disturbing information about Lucia. I’m sure other’s have read or heard about the rumors of a fake Lucia (or Lucy 2). I dunno if it’s true, but I will admit that the pictures do not match up right.

Is there any truth to this? It really caused me pain to think that it might be true, and that the real Lucy came to a horrible end and that it was lied about by the Church.

I don’t normally believe rumors like this, but this one really has me wondering…

Ive not heard anything about a fake lucia…

I"m sorry, I should have said Sister Lucia or Sister Lucy of Fatima. I thought that she had been declared a Saint, but I must have read that wrong.

Articles like this was what I was wondering about:

Sr. Lucia will (IMO) certainly make it to Sainthood some time soon, but she hasn’t been officially canonized yet.

As for those two sites,

“Tradition In Action” is a Sedevacantist site (that is, it believes that all Popes after Pius XII are invalid). The author of the article you cite, Marian Horvat, is a notorious sedevacantist who writes articles about the greatness of the “Holy Inquisition” (the implication being, presumably, that current Popes should be punished.) I wouldn’t take anything she says too seriously.

The “Fatima Movement”, similarly, is host to “Fatima conspiracy theories”, and their claim of a “fake Lucia” borders on clinical paranoia.

Don’t let them bother you. Pray, hope, and trust in the Church that Christ founded. :thumbsup:

I once saw a video on the internet about
this “fake” sister Lucia, but that same video
went on to attack the Catholic Church, saying
that pope John XXIII was a false pope, because
of illegal actions surrounding his appointment and
that Vatican II marked a season of apostasy for the
Catholic Church!!! It started me doubting the valid-
ity of the teachings of the Catholic Church, until
the Holy Spirit gently reminded me that it was on
St. Peter, the First pope that Christ is to build His Church
and the gates of hell will NOT overcome it,(Matt 16:18)
so ALL the popes are valid, and the Church’s teachings
are valid!

I see, thank you! :slight_smile:

Wow I just lost an hour of my life I will never get back on that website you gave links to…I don’t know anything about Sister Lucy but they definitely don’t look like the same person.

Let me get this straight.

You take pictures of a preteen girl from right after WWI. Said pictures were produced with film stock and cameras and lighting that aren’t the best ever. Said preteen girl and her friends are in the middle of being exposed to all sorts of diseases (including the influenza that will kill two of them), while not being super-well fed. Said girl has to work hard with her hands and walk around barefoot all day in all weathers. Said girl is constantly being harassed by newsmen, neighbors, her parents, the local authorities, and has recently spent time imprisoned.

If you want to take a picture of her, you have to make her stare (or scowl or squint) into the sun for long exposure times, while she holds still and tries not to blink. Remember that smiling pictures are undignified or unladylike, and the kids’ parents are probably standing behind the camera, giving the kids a hard stare the whole time.

Then you take a picture of that girl as a middle-aged or an old lady nun, with totally superior camera, film stock, and lighting, and probably with retouching for beauty, The nun gets to eat well-balanced meals regularly, is not being exposed to disease and the extremes of weather, and is not being harassed or imprisoned. She receives modern medical and dental care. She doesn’t have to worry about going short of fruit and vegetables in the winter, and she probably got decent amounts of calcium in her diet all year round.

My grandma looks a lot different now than when she was a girl living poor but proud in Tennessee. It’s almost as if she spent the intervening years with a good diet and good medical care and nice clothes and a car. And her nose slowly grew bigger than it used to be, just like with every other old person I’ve ever heard of, even though her face also filled out from getting to eat decent quantities of food.

So I guess Grandma was also kidnapped and replaced. Replaced by someone who got a good job and made a good marriage, or by someone who didn’t stay a poor preteen girl all her life.

I love this explanation. :thumbsup:

(For the record, I looked like a young athlete at 14, and now I look like an intellectual couch potato. So I guess somewhere along the line, maybe at age 15, my evil twin replaced me. :D)

The gentleman’s quote of my post was accurate at the time he posted it. After that, my post was kidnapped by me and replaced by a slightly edited version. :slight_smile:

That seems like a lot of explaining for photos that look nothing a like :shrug:

Im not saying I don’t think those are valid explanations…it’s just weird how little they look alike…when I compare photos of my grandparents to their youth there is a huge difference but certain characteristics remain. These photos seriously look nothing alike…although, the teeth are obviously dentures.

The “gentleman” made exactly 1957 posts on Catholic Answers Forums. After that, I (his evil twin) ate him with honey and pepper, and am now making post 1958.

(Hmm, Pope Pius XII died in 1958, right? He must have something to do with this.) :smiley:

For those who still think there’s a fake St. Lucia, here’s your soundtrack:

Oh my gosh, finally, an explanation! It’s my evil twin! Thank you!

Ignore anytning you see on the “Fatima Movement” website. That’s stuff that would make sedevacantists cringe. They claim that the Rosary was corrupted by Free Masons and that Mary is God.

Oh wow, I did not know this. Thank you! I will be sure to avoid those sites in the future.

I am new to all of this and I guess it’s easy for me to be led the wrong way as I am learning.

Again, I was not sure that I believed what these sites were saying. However, as Sr Lucy is dear to my heart, it did make me wonder and the thought of it was upsetting.

I am very glad that you have all agreed that it is just conspiracy theories! :thumbsup:

That site is beyond crackpot. It is an insult to broken pottery all over the world.

“Mary is God the Mother, the Holy Spirit is God the Father.”

Such breathtaking insanity is hard to find, and I say this as someone who’s spent the last eleven years working in psychiatric hospitals. :smiley:

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