St. Marie of the Incarnation - autobiography?

This is a bit of a long shot but I thought I’d try, especially since we do have some Canadians on here.

Is there any version of the Autobiography of St. Marie of the Incarnation (Canadian Ursuline missionary, canonized by Pope Francis in 2014) in print?

All I can find is

  • an English translation of her Autobiography by a Rev. John Sullivan published by Loyola University Press in the 1960s or before, when she was still a Venerable, which is now out of print and I have to wait for one to pop up on eBay or Abebooks;

  • some book of her “Selected Writings” published by Paulist Press which is available here and there for cheap, but there doesn’t seem to be a Table of Contents available, Goodreads says it’s her “journals and letters” which doesn’t seem to be an Autobiography, and well, Paulist Press…

  • compendiums of her writings in French from decades ago which cost a mint of money and anyway my French is not that great that I want to read four volumes…

What’s really annoying is that there seems to be a whole bunch of discussion of her in various compendiums and a whole book in print based on criticizing her for leaving her 12-year-old son to enter religious life, never mind that she left him with relatives and that in the 1600s, 12 years old was nearly an adult.

This woman is a saint, why is it so hard to find her autobiography?

This article is in French:

At the end of the article there are several references to biographies, but all in French it seems.

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