St Mark of Ephesus?

I was reading about St Mark of Ephesus, who is a Saint in the Orthodox church… he did not support reunification with the West in the Council of Florence and was against the Papacy and Purgatory, among some other things.

My question is, - he died in peace and there was a miracle that happened through his intercession… what do we think of this, as Catholics? I don’t want to think that he went to hell… I personally think that he probably went to Heaven, even if he was wrong about the Church. But when I first read this, I thought, what if he was right?

do you have any thoughts?

the concept of there being both Eastern and Western Saints, and that both of them received revelations that support either Orthodox or Catholic teachings, is kind of confusing to me… I know that a person could believe some wrong theology and yet live a holy life - for that reason I do think that there could be Saints in both churches. For example, Fr Seraphim Rose (Orthodox) - disagreed with Catholicism on various points, but I read about his last days on earth and his illness, and it’s evident that during that time he really surrendered his will to God and loved Him, and after he died his body did not decompose and he smelled like roses. At the same time, St Padre Pio, who often encouraged and defended Catholic teachings - also lived a very holy life and there are many miracles after his death too. There is an Orthodox Saint who had a vision of toll houses… and there are some Catholic Saints and mystics (St Faustina, Sr Josefa Menendez) - who saw visions of Purgatory or were visited by souls from Purgatory. (I don’t know if it’s a separate place, but they did speak of it being different than hell because it’s not permanent and the souls there love God).

So what do we make of all this??? I agree that there could be Saints in both chuches, and there are Sacraments, Apostolic Succession, and the Holy Spirit, in both churches… and maybe the miracles show a holy life rather than correctness in doctrine, necessarily… but what about the different/opposing private revelations, etc?

Regardless of what the answers to your questions turn out to be, I just wanted to say thank you for having the respect to refer to him as St Mark. :slight_smile:

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