St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Louisville Kentucky vandalised

Letter to parishioners from Parish priest.:

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That’s my parish. I just learned of this about an hour and a half ago.

Apparently the church may have reopened. There is an adorer there now and the Blessed Sacrament is exposed on the table altar used for the Ordinary Form.

The web cam can be viewed here…

Thank goodness the two reliquaries under the two side altars we’re not damaged. They contain the skeletal remains of Saints Magnus and Bonosa, who were martyred in the third century in the Colosseum.

Please pray for the individual who did this per our pastor’s request.


Praying that this church is able to get its repairs done and in thanksgiving that the Blessed Sacrament and saint relics were not disturbed. Also for the man to get the help he needs. And lastly, that the church is able to beef up security to the extent needed, since apparently the guard on duty, however dedicated, was not able on his own to prevent the extensive damage and the church has a policy of being open during very extended hours.

Here is an update to the story. Apparently the guy was able to force the locked front door open simply by yanking on it (sounds like they need better locks for a start) and could not be subdued by two security guards with tasers. Unfortunately, tasers sometimes don’t work on people who are that much under the influence from drugs.

A lot of private security guards are just scarecrows. No disrespect to this guy, but he may have been told “you aren’t a cop, don’t go getting us sued by acting like one.” I was a security guard/night watchman in college and it was drilled into us that we were NOT cops, and if something crazy went down the first and only thing we were supposed to do was call the actual cops.

Apparently from the news articles they had 2 guards with tasers, which didn’t work and just made the guy mad. They also had a front door with a lock that didn’t stand up to one guy yanking on it. If you’re going to maintain a vintage church in the middle of a city neighborhood that according to its priest has a lot of these type problems, you’re going to need to make it more secure than that.

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