St. Mary Magdalene questions and musings

Just a few questions. Was St. Mary Magdalene the same person as Mary of Bethany Lazarus sister? Also, was she the one who anointed Jesus feet with perfumed oil?

I wonder why I don’t hear more about her in the Catholic world. I mean it seems to me like she should be revered as the second greatest saint. The first of course being Mary Jesus mother. But I mean Mary Magdalene was there the whole way, she loyal to the end. She was with Jesus at the cross. She was at the tomb first and was the first to bring the message to the disciples. Im just wondering why I don’t hear much about this great saint? Seems to me like she would be the second greatest saint there is because of her faithfulness to the end. Maybe Im just not looking in the right places, but I don’t hear much about her.

Also, another question. In the old testament it said that no one can see God and live. Why were people able to see Jesus and live? Just a thought. Thank you!!!

  1. No

  2. Dont know

  3. St Joseph is second greatest saint.

  4. Jesus is the Son of Man and the Son of God. Jesus came into this world as our sacrificial lamb.

God manifested Himself through His Son Jesus who was fully man, therefore to look upon Him in that form was “safe.”
Mary Magdalen always got a “bum rap” as a harlot or an adulteress. It has only been in recent years and a deeper understanding of her role in the apostolate that she may become finally recognized for her value in the early church.
You can make it a personal mission to bring forth her role in early Christianity. Peace

She is greatly revered. She is mentioned in Scripture 12 times.

She’s one of my favorites. I wish we could know more about her.

As for your last question, Jesus is 100% human and 100% God. Because he is human, we can see him. Old Testament, from my understanding, talks about God in spirit. God was not human then. Sorry it’s not a fancy answer, I’m not a theologian by any means.

Well, I think you answered that better than many theologians–simple, direct, easy to understand. That’s the way it should be.

if you haven’t read the book “The Love of the Sacred Heart” by St. Mechtilde, she was mentioned in a chapter there entitled, ‘how our Lord pierced magdalen’s heart during the passion’

I just have to tell everyone how upset I feel at the Catholic church that she has not been more venerated as a saint or even an apostle, I read that Pope Francis made her date July 22 a feast day, finally!!! its just very upsetting as she IS such a prominent figure to Jesus and the early church. She was at the cross, only one other disciple was! She was the first one He appeared to after his resurrection, I mean come on. I have to say that this has disheartened me about the Catholic church. I heard that in the Eastern Orthodox church she is more highly revered and she is not associated with being a harlot as history in the west has cast her as. But I know the church is full of sinners just like me, Not to mention thought that I think there could be a little bit more of the female presence in Rome with discicion making as in the early church women were involved even as decons. Gets me upset and think that things are slanted too much towards the male point of view. But anyways ill get off my soap box.

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