St. Mary Magdalene?

Today, July 22, is the “Memorial of St. Mary Magdalene.” With the recent popularity of revisionist works like “The DaVinci Code” and others, I’ve been hearing a lot of negative comments regarding Mary Magdalene’s treatment by the Church and her place (and the role of women) in the Church. What you never hear is that she’s a saint.

Can you tell me when she was canonized and what the Church’s current “position” is on Mary Magdalene’s role in Jesus’ ministry?

Dear Texas Ex,

Like the other saints in Scripture, Mary Magdalen was not canonized. She was held as a saint by the common acclamation of the early Christians which the Church recogonizes as valid.

Today the Church continues to hold her in high esteem. The Dominican Order acknowledges her as one of its patronesses.

The Catholic Encyclopedia has more on her:
*]Mary Magdalene
[/LIST]Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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