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Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question or not!

I took my daughter down to their campus this past weekend in Terre Haute, IN for a visit. She’s looking at colleges, and this one seems like the right fit.

It’s a beautiful campus with a rich Catholic heritage. It was founded by Mother Theodore Guerin who was just recently canonized as a Saint.

After having talked to many of the staff and students, I do wish that the curriculum was more Catholic-oriented.

Does anyone have any advice or knowledge of the college and anyone who went through this school that can give me thoughts/advice on the moral and theological things of campus?

My daughter is going through RCIA this year, as she didn’t go through confirmation. We were still going through the Assembly of God/ Catholic transition at the time that she would have gone through with her class. She is now a Senior and not sure if she wants to be a Catholic or Protestant.

in Christ


Don’t send her there. The nuns there have lost their mission. They are very liberal. I’m sure St. Theodora is praying up a storm. In the mean time, the nuns are protesting in political causes, raising apacas, and walking labyrinths.

I don’t think she would be a better Catholic for going there. Send her to Ave Maria or Benedictine College or Fransican University or Christendom.

Having said all that, I didn’t attend St. Mary of the Woods, and my opinion is based only on visiting the campus, reading the newletter, and word of mouth. So, I could be wrong. :o

Maybe you should find an orthodox priest in the area and ask him his opinion.

pm me and I’ll give you a name.


I have two relatives and two friends who are Woodsies, I talked to each of them at the time of Mother’s canonization, because two went to Rome for the event. Sadly, all 4 said to send your grand-daughter to a real Catholic school. Two of them were Catholics when they went to the Woods, married non-Catholics and dropped the faith, one still identifies herself as Catholic but is divorced and remarried, one is a radical feminist. That is only 4 people so certainly not enough on which to base a judgement.


My aunt went there in the 50’s, when I imagine it was fairly faithful to the magesterium. Just looking at their website (which I did about a year ago), I would be concerned about some of their activities. It’s sad, because it seems like a beautiful place.


Try St. Joseph’s College in Renselaer, Indiana (50 miles south of Gary and 50 miles north of Purdue in LaFayette Indiana. Run by the Precious Blood Fathers. They have a good core curriculum and include theology and Philosophy as requirements. I attended in the 50’s and they have gotten even better since. It used to be men only, but has been co-ed for almost 45 years now.


I couldn’t agree more with the above posts. Do not send your dd to St. Mary’s of the Woods. They are very liberal. My dh and I tour the campus and read one of their newspaper, what a shame. I was so appalled by the liberalism, I wrote to the administrators and the board. Short of telling me to mind my own business, they saw nothing wrong with girls carrying on homosexual relationships right under their noses. Yes, I know we cannot condemn those, but under the Churches law, we should not encourage it, allowing dances and sleep overs. The magazine Faith & Family has many ads promoting several Catholic colleges.


And I would not include Dominican University (formerly Rosary College) in River Forest, Illinois, either, for those very reasons. I thought it was very tacky and downright disgusting for the college nurse of a Catholic school on Halloween to pass out condoms in the form of lollipops!:eek: This was when my daughter attended prior to 2000, but while things look better from the current web site, I’d still be shy of the place- although it is in a very pretty suburb.




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