St Mary's priest will take his flock with him

St Mary’s priest will take his flock with him

MAVERICK priest Father Peter Kennedy says he will lead a breakaway congregation if Brisbane’s catholic Archbishop forces him to leave St Mary’s Church.

There are fears that exclusion from the historic South Brisbane property will be the final act in a long-running dispute that has reached the Vatican.

The dispute has attracted national and international attention because it represents the battle between conservative and less traditional forces within the Catholic Church.

I pray for God’s will in all this.

…its about time. hertics like him arnt welcome in church…
if he want to be called a catholic priest then he has to tow the vatican party line or else get out…no room for comprimise with people who deny the divinity of Christ!

I actually posted a comment over on the article. However, I doubt it will be printed since it was in defense of the Catholic Church.

It is about time the likes of Fr. Kennedy are dealt with. For too long people had to put up with invalid sacraments and contrary teachings from the man.

I am also wondering how many will actually follow him and how many will eventually return. I have a feeling the first number will be lower than he thinks and the later high.

St. Mary’s is not a “less traditional force within the Catholic Church.” From what I’ve read they are down right heretical in their teaching and practice.

MAVERICK priest Father Peter Kennedy says he will lead a breakaway congregation if Brisbane’s catholic Archbishop forces him to leave St Mary’s Church.

News Flash: He’s already leading a breakaway congregation. :rolleyes: They’re just going to stop lying about it now.

Excellent point!

I will pray for a conversion of heart and for the Truth to shine forth. That mill stone can be pretty heavy as one is sinking.

Well, this is the first I have read on this.
As I can gather, it must be true that this man has denied Christ’s divinity…Hmmmm! This calls for the BIG GUNS!..

Oh Blessed Mary, ArchAngels alll… PLEASE pray for OUR CHURCH!
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What exactly will he lead them to? If he doesn’t believe Christ is divine, what exactly is the point of his parishoners attending Mass? What do they even do for an hour on Sunday morning?

Hopefully most people will stay.

If any go with him, where exactly are they going to go i.e. which venue?

I read somewhere that the Pope said the baptisms there were invalid and thus any subsequent sacraments a baptised person recieved were invalid too.

Not sure how long this has been going on for - refering to the Godhead essentially as ‘it,’ and the other abuses, but thankfully it seems processes are rolling along and this heretic will be given the boot.

If you don’t like Church authority then leave.

I live furthur South and count my blessings that all the Parishes I’ve ever gone to in my life have been orthodox. :thumbsup:

I think the problem, which should have been corrected in 2004, wasn’t quite so bad.

The baptisms used two illicit formulas: "I baptise you in the name of the Creator and of the Redeemer and of the Sanctifier and "I baptise you in the in the name of the Creator and of the Liberator and of the Sustainer.

The legitimate formula is "I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’’

The chancellor of the diocese, Father Jim Spence, said the priests at the parish were ordered to revert to the traditional formula in 2004 but that some people may still be unaware their baptisms were wrongly administered.

He said he was unaware how many people it may affect. The church is currently considering whether there will be a need for those illicitly baptised to have the ritual legitimately.

"It doesn’t mean it’s invalid, it just means it’s illicit, he said

Fr Spence said the illicit baptisms did not invalidate subsequent sacraments, including confirmation, penance and marriage.,23739,23329346-3102,00.html

Don’t let the door hit you in the ***

“The reality is that, if we are excluded from this church, the Trades and Labor Council have already offered us their place just down the road,” he said.

Looks like they will go to a hall down the road provided by a peak body of the Trade Unions. Looks like he’s already sussed it out cause he knew he was no longer in communion with the Church.

I pray that each individual of that parish examines this issue very deeply and chooses to remain in Mother Church.

I was going to say that, but you beat me to it!!! :thumbsup:

  											Tonight, Tuesday 13th Jan, ABC 1 will 'do a job' on this issue in the 7:30 Report.

I won’t be able to view the programme as I am holding an Astronomy Viewing Night for families at Bournda Educational Centre near Bega.

I wonder what perspective the ABC has decided to use in its coverage of this issue.

Of course, they have a choice, if they are are a legitimate news and public information and comment media organisation.

For the ABC to honour the Charter it has with the Australian people, the programme will need to present both sides of the issue with the same media techniques.

My worry is that maximum footage will be presented of the life and personalities of St Mary’s Parish but when it comes to the ‘other side’ of the issue, footage will be limited to one or two official spokesmen in a staged studio presentation.

The difference between the techniques that will be used will determine the ‘message’ of the programme and I’m wondering if that has already been decided on by the ABC.

  											Posted By: Fr Mick Mac Andrew Bombala-Delegate NSW

Taken from comments posted in Cath News:

The difference between the techniques that will be used will determine the ‘message’ of the programme and I’m wondering if that has already been decided on by the ABC.

  											Posted By: Fr Mick Mac Andrew Bombala-Delegate NSW 

Looks like he was right from viewing this.:shrug:


On further contemplation, I think that for something as important as this, the Catholic Church really only misrepresented themselves by coming off in cloak and dagger style. That is, the spokesperson was anonymous, shrouded in darkness whilst he spoke. There was only an audio of the conversation regarding the phone being knocked out of his hand by Fr. Peter Kennedy. And then the announcement that Archbishop Bathersby was not available for comment (he is gone for the month of January and will make a definitive statement on his return). To top it all off, the anonymous spokesperson likened this churches behavior to that of the infamous ‘**** Christ’ photograph by Andres Serrano**. **Well, at that point, both my dh and I sighed; knowing that any credence that may have been possibly salvaged from this, was now very much down the tubes. I don’t ever believe it has been Fr. Kennedy’s intention to blaspheme Christ in this kind of manner. He just has his theology very muddled. But the Church representatives certainly came off as being highly unintelligent and secretive in this programme.

On the other hand, Fr. Peter Kennedy and his congregation came across as very warm hearted. It is true that so many people have been helped in a great way here, but so unfortunate that it is the people’s care and concern that seems to have the priority over a Christ centred congregation.

Social justice gone askew, but one couldn’t help but cry for both ‘sides’ in this unfolding drama.

May our prayers be for this congregation and their shepherd in returning home with Christ as their centre. :frowning:

you can watch the story at the above link
They will post a transcript on the page soon.

It didn’t seem bias to me. The Catholic heirachy declined to comment noting that they would release a statement end of January from memory

One guy compiled evidence and has take it to the Vatican.

If they don’t recant they should be excomunicated!

It appeard that they gather sitting around a low table (kind of like a Japanese one when they have tea sitting on the floor). No reverence for the Eucharist.

They have re-written the Mass designing their own Eucharitic prayer.

They have lay people doing the homily. Sure some lay have degrees in theology, Greek, Hebrew whatever but one woman needed promting by the priest as she stood there in jeans and a t-shirit.

From memory the sanuray was overtaken with people and a baby grand piano too.

No pews. they sat around on the carpet.

Liturgal abuse - understatment of the century

The priest banged on about how Jesus was a rebel and railed against authority and what not.

The Church is the pillar and foundation of truth, not some priest from Brisvagas. Tell the Church says Jesus… and if he will not hear the Church… he is just like the heathen. Maybe father should have a read of Matthew’s gospel.

My problem was that the story said the Mass was not traditional. As if to imply [maybe not intentionally] it was still Catholic just a little different than normal. Their view was wrong. No one expects their Mass to be a full blown Tridentine Mass but they are so far removed from even the most basic Novos Ordo with dodgy pop music and hand holding that it sickens me.

How can they do this. Do they no know that it is the HOLY SACRAFICE of the MASS. :mad:

I just knew that someone would know how to link that program on here! Thanks Canto! You saved me a lot of time in trying to find out how to do this.

I can certainly agree with ‘liturgucal abuses’. But as I said, for want of a professional media balance to be presented here, the Catholic Church really fell short of the mark on this one. Why go anonymous? Why couldn’t anyone be found that would speak the truth of the situation here?

(Oh,… spellcheck might be in order with your post)

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