St. Matthew's 56 year old church!!!!!!!


Has anyone else received mail from these guys?

We’ve received their Holy Spirit soaked prayer rug twice in the past. The prayer rug could be used for “ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!” because “GOD SEES!!!”. We also just received a “blessed, biblical Acts 19:11,12 hankerchief” from them. It also came with a prophecy predicting prosperity in our future if we use the hankerchief to ask for what we want. :rolleyes:

So what I would love to know is:

Are these people scam artists? (Every mailing encourages you to support them with part of the “blessing” you will get from using their prayer rug or hankerchief.)

Are they foreign? (As their deft use of the english language would suggest.)

Is their church composed entirely of 13 year olds? (As the copious use of bold, underlining in red and exclamation points would suggest.)

Are they genuine? (There is a certain sincerity to their letters.)

All of the above?

Either way, their correspondence is always good for a laugh. :wink:


I don’t know, but my friend who’s a total atheist keeps getting these things. And now he thinks Christians are all insanse.

Just when I was starting to make progress with him…

But seriously, there’s something weird going on with these prayer rugs, and miracle spring water, and green wish hankys; all of a sudden money appears in you bank account.
Maybe we should try it and see what happens.


Yes, we received their “Biblical” miracle handkerchief ourselves a couple of days ago. :smiley:


It certainly is people like this that give Christians a bad name.

The literature that they sent with their “holy spirit soaked prayer rug” was pure insanity. It insisted that you had to pray with the rug covering both knees (not just one), that you should put the prayer rug under the mattress on your side of the bed when you went to sleep and that you absolutely had to send it back to them the next day. And then it made the threatening remark, “God Sees!!!” (underlined in red) I never understood that. I mean, it was just a piece of paper. But it insisted that you could use it for “One night only!” Why? Was there some sort of gimmick involved that made it necessary or were they just raving lunatics?

Perhaps we’ll never know. :rolleyes:


I got one of those “prayer rugs”, it had a picture of Christ’s face on it with his eyes apparently closed… it said to look at it long enough and His eyes would open! lol, it was an optical illusion because His eyes were drawn in lightly and darker than the rest of the face. IT WAS A MIRACLE!!! :rolleyes:

I think the envelopes to send it back don’t need postage, the “church” pays it, so if you like you can send it back with heavy stuff in it and they get to pay the jacked-up postage :stuck_out_tongue:

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