St. Michael


Last night, I was walking home from work and I was nervous, because it was night and I don’t live in the safest place in the world. Coincidentally, on that street, there have been instances of sexual assault. I would not normally walk that late but I didn’t expect to be at work that late and it was the one time I forgot my phone (or I would have called one of my guy friends to walk me home). So, when I left, I prayed to Saint Michael. I said that prayer over and over again. Not only was I safe, but when I passed the synagogue on that street, I saw three deer! Not something I expect to see in a city! All my fear evaporated and I made it back safely.

Saint Michael, pray for us!


Thank you for invoking St. Michael for your protection. Saint Francis has great devotion to St. Michael.

I go to mass at different time - one mass, people would pray the St. Michael’s prayer, the other they don’t.

I used to not know about the devotion, but my friend taught me. :slight_smile:


Happy Feast Day, Saint Michael! (and Gabriel and Raphael too)


AMEN!! Sing to the Lord the Glory of His Name that He shall reign forever.



That is a wonderful testimony about the intercession of the angels. I have a particular fondness for St Michael.


Blessed be God in all His angels and His saints!


Maybe the 3 deer were Michael, Gabrial, and Raphael. :slight_smile: Wouldn’t be the first time angels manifested as protecting animals.


:blush: And the first thing I thought when she mentioned the deer was “and how did they score? How big were they?” :blush:

I love St. Michael, and his chaplet. Slays the “inner demons” so to speak. It just seems to me that life is such a battle, that we need his help.


Very cool Maria, the Archangels have been in my thoughts all day. Thank you for sharing (the 3 deer thing is really something to ponder), great way to end the day…God Bless.


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