St. Michael's Media is now on Sirius!

**St. Michael’s Media is now on **
Sirius Radio!!!

In collaboration with The Maximus Group - we now have a one hour Catholic news magazine called News and Views Weekly, hosted by Michael Voris, the host of The One True Faith.

Tune into the Catholic Channel - 159 on the Sirius dial, every Saturday night at 9:00pm Eastern.

MORE fantastic Catholic programming from St. Michael’s Media!

Hope you enjoy the show!!! :smiley:


Is there going to be a way to listen to it on the computer? because I listen to “in your faith” over the internet since I live in New York, and dont get the detroit channels.
By the way I love St. Michaels Media, its probably given me the best Catholic education ive had just by watching the TV show and listening to the radio.

When are the last three episodes of season three gonna be on podcast? Feels like I’ve been waiting ages… :slight_smile:

Also, you need to find a slot on the hotbird satellite, so we can view in Europe. All we get are crazy Christian channels that produce so much rubbish. I’m so thankful we at least get EWTN here. Christian programming and channels in the UK and Europe are virtually non existant.

Yeah, we need the last 3 episodes of season 3 loaded on the site, ive been waiting forever.

Ok - my dear husband, webmaster for SMM, tells me that he is just waiting for the final cut to come back from editing so he can do some work on getting it into podcast format.

The team has been working on some other projects lately (the Sirius show to name one, and an upcoming DVD project on the origin of the Bible) so they have been a bit swamped. He promises the last three episodes of Season Three will be up in about a week.

Thanks everyone for your great comments! So glad to know you love the work we do - it is truly a labor of love for everyone here.

As for listening to the Sirius show on the Internet, we are not sure that is possible, but something we are looking into.


You guys are really busy. :slight_smile: All the hard work you do is really appreciated, I have learnt so much on my journey from listening to the podcasts. I look forward to the episodes coming online, keep up the good work.

Thanks for all the work you guys do, you have no idea how helpfull your apostolate been to me. btw thanks for trying to get those last 3 podcasts uploaded im taking an 8hr drive next week and id love to have those 3 on my ipod for the drive.

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