St. Michael's Media

There is a thread on here about anti Catholic videos being posted all over So I figured I would share that there are also some good Catholic produced ones as well. Of them is a t.v. series produced by a group called “St. Michael’s Media” their website is and the show is called “The One True Faith”. I personally think the videos are great and the host does a really good job explaining Catholicism to our modern society. Just search “The One True Faith” in YouTube, there is a bunch of different clips covering different topics.

I’ve not seen any videos but I have listened to a few podcasts from St Michael’s Media - good stuff :slight_smile:

Yes, I have seen some of the videos and they are excellent. I have subscribed to St.Michael’s Media videos on YouTube. I have seen some other very good Catholic videos on there as well.

It’s true that there are many anti-Catholic/Christian videos too but that’s unfortunately true of the culture at large and as it is a popular secular website, we just have to learn to seperate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. As long as the medium can be used to get the Gospel message out there, it’s a good thing.

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